THE GENERATION 3 UPDATE IN POKÉMON GO! ( Generation 3 Gameplay )

GENERATION 3 IN POKÉMON GO! This is EVERYTHING that will be a part of the Generation 3 update in Pokémon Go! Get ready for Generation 3 coming THIS WEEK in Pokémon Go! GENERATION 3 HYPE PEEPS!
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Kerry Zvalueman says:

California, wind and sun. Sun and wind. In the spring, maybe a little rain. It’s gonna be so much fun. I’m looking forward to seeing and catching pkmnMasterHolly’s Costume, Gardevoir.

Daniyal Saiyan says:

I think sunny effect fairy type

ImaflynGiant says:

Awesome vid and keep up the awesome work!

Jay Thewiz says:

My first priority in this update: Salamence…I need it…That and rayquaza are the only Pokémon worth getting

Tevin Polk says:

It was a new pokedex entry so thats why it was 75 stardust

Blake Romary says:

Who else is finding rarer spawns I got a dragonite a Donphan and a venusaur in two days

Michelle Garcia says:

I think weather is out now. Last night it looked foggy and today its clear and bright

RMF Gaming says:

song for gen 3 trailer?

Оксана Орлова says:

I just use an online trick for getting my PokeC oins there’s a good one online here –

MYSTIC7 says:


StickyBros Gaming says:

Supposedly tonight 11:00pm tonight in UK

Adam Walkman says:

G u y s!   U p d a t e d   C h e a t    F o r  PokeC oins!   O n l i n e   H e r e  ➜ ➜

Fallon Zoey says:

I am excited for the weather and I am loving the new gym battle screen/format! Charge move at the bottom center is much more efficent and its clear when the bar(s) is full, ready to use, and already used. Love, love, love it. Lots of trainers are coming back to the game… this is the update we’ve been needing! So happy for my favorite game to be fun for EVERYONE again, like its been fun for me. I never get bored and have always found something to do. #teammystic

Thuy Tran says:


dominick says:

who would not likethis video 152 wierdos why watch pokemon go videos then

Nathan Wareing says:

Come to cape Girardo nathan wareing

McDonald's Hi says:

I swear to go if California people complain about it not changing weather there

Adalet Mutlu says:


The Poke Randomist says:

What happens if there are 2 weather thing are happening in the real world

Tadeáš Pejřimovský says:


P-bOy 1259 says:


Bluerocket04 says:

snowy dumb idea it dose not snow every where

Fallon Zoey says:

I haven’t been watching you as much since you left for Austraila. I need to catch up something serious!! #teammystic

Will Bat says:

Where did you find mudkip

Nathan Exde says:


Tanner Plays says:

I wish all gen 3 Pokémon came out this week and not just a chunk. But I am still hyped!!

Timothy Plank says:

Brandon what I have been hearing for the extra stardust is 25 stage 1, 50 stage 2 evolution and 75 for stage 3 evolution. We will see bro

TheDancingDemon h says:


Electrifyingly Awesome says:


Tonia Warmack says:

All of them. I want all of gen 3!!! Tomorrow would be nice…..

It's UR boy John says:

im so hyped for gen 3 but so salty i couldn’t meet mystic in NYC

Classic Agar says:

it sucks because where I live it doesnt snow

Nichole Bennett says:

Metagross is my favorite gen 3

juice says:

guys! everyone has been doing the trick for PokeC oins that got leaked online here –

Epic gaming Ethan 123 says:

There lieing to us I tried to get the update and it’s just bug fixes

Fallon Zoey says:

I wish they would bring stardust to gym battles and as gym defender reward. I think it use to be in the beginning and they should bring it back.

big sandy says:

G u y s!   N e w  PokeC oins   C h e a t!   O n l i n e   H e r e  ➜

javier_likes_diet.clorox says:

Im extremly mad that i forgot my lvl 30 accounts password. i had every pokemon ready for an evolution!

*any help?*

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