SUPER RARE CATCHES & SHINY?! – Pokémon GO Top-Down View Gameplay (Pokémon GO Safari Zone Denmark)

Pokémon GO Top-Down View Gameplay! Pokémon GO Safari Zone Denmark Gameplay including Super Rare Catches, Shiny Magikarp and more!

This Pokémon GO Gameplay is a different style of Gameplay for Pokémon GO, Setting up the camera on my iPad to actually showcase what I’m doing along with providing commentary/stories about what happened while playing Pokémon GO while you are able to see every move, I think it adds a new perspective on Pokémon GO Gameplay.

★ Pokémon GO Safari Zone Special Rare Pokémon Include:
Kangaskhan, Chansey, Larvitar, Mareep, Shiny Pikachu, Shiny Magikarp, Unown, Machop, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle & Totodile, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Croconaw, Bayleef, Quilava, Charmeleon, Charizard, Wartortle, Blastoise, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Porygon & Miltank

★ Pokémon GO Prodigies Nation Excellent Throw Trick:

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The Netherlands


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– Microphone
SL-300 from Editors Keys

– Devices for Gameplay
Google Pixel XL 128 GB
iPad Air 2 64 GB

– Recording Software
Microphone: Audacity (Free)
Elgato 60HD

– Editing Software
Sony Vegas Pro 13.0
GIMP 2 (Free Program)

– Webcam
Logitech C920


DragonitoGames XD says:

Safari zone Amstelveen i see you dear


anyone notice that he misses an unown in this video (next to the chansey

Cheke Vlog says:


z z says:

10:45 Shiny.

strawberrytv says:

@reversal ik hoop dat ik jou ontmoet in amsterlveen

Lusk Kaz says:

I’m spending less and less time playing because there is not one single event ehere I live. If niantic wants to pretend africa and south america doesn’t exist, I see no reason to keep playing so frequently.

Bendert Schouten says:

I live only 40min drive away from Amstelveen safari zone but wasn’t able to get a ticket…. Will it still be worth it to go tomorrow?

Ravagings - says:

Nerd voice

Ravagings - says:

The game is shit now

WYxFY says:

I really enjoy this style of video with post Com. 🙂

Justin Sunderland says:


Blue4FunDK says:

I was out of town so didn’t go to Safari in Copenhagen – so went to Stockholm to Day instead 😉

The domiNATION says:

How come the pokestops wouldnt show the items you got when you spun them?


you are so lucky i live in Australia and i miss out of the safari event’s always but i get good spawns like i just got back from a vacation in america (which we went on for 1 month) and i realise a tyrannitar spawned like a 10 minute walk from me and a unown spawned like a 5 minute drive and i don’t have unown yet btw i caught a lapras near my house

King Bril says:


TFormerRock says:

Awesome video Rev. Super entertaining.

Sainterman says:

Ios bug is def not fixed

MooshyTV says:

1:21 Venasaur On Nearby

Even- Gaming2017 says:

Hi you are probebly not gonna Reed this but are you ever coming to norway i was just curius becuase i have hard that you have contact on twitter with the player that reached 40 7 times have a Nice day and if you Reed this please anser

Xieon Gaming says:

The story about the kid is awesome, that’s why I love this community.

karisol 2000 says:

I have a 100% suicune. That was the First suicune i ever beaten

WickeBoy says:

Going to Sweden Safari Zone?

muizebrokjes says:

Hey, reversal,
Are you going to amstelveen this weekend

imezajutube says:


Team Instinct FTW, take a look Reversal, you will like it

WillJohTo , says:

yes more

Angel Rojas says:

Play clashroyale

Suzanne Beekhuis says:

See you in Amstelveen in a few hours Rev!

林新凱大湖國小 says:

Where are you???

Jeff says:

For real man you have an addiction to a childs game. You need help.

jacob thibault says:

awesome and cool video

Agustin Marius Tataran says:

Hey, Reversal, why don’t legendary raids count for the raid badge?

Cupuacu 'cubes says:


Manne says:

Im never gonna get into A regional event

Masinary Fio says:

Venusaur is the best, and actually usable??? Well i live in Florida so i get lots of Bulbasaurs. few charmanders and almost no squirtles.

acaliff says:

I have a 100% Charizard & a 100% Meganium both have such low CP I can’t invest in them.

Logangster 4life says:

40th likes and 350 th view


i get alot of snorlax in my area and i only have caught like 25 and 2 have ran from me

stephen Bridges says:

I like the gameplay footage

Enna Choi says:

More topdown gameplay!!!!!!

roarke partridge says:

how did you not hit evolve on that device by mistak I know I probably would have

Jackson Murphy says:

boom, headshot, boom headshot!


it took me a long time to get a blastoise i couldn’t find one until 1/1/17 at like 00:30 we were walking back home and we walked past the shops and a wild blastoise spawns and i caught it and it was also my first one

Spieletrend says:

Cool idea with the top down commentary, I really enjoyed watching that video! 🙂

Sandeep Desaraju says:

Use the jump method to catch suicune it’s easy and works perfectly

Tristan Siebring says:

Nederland! Vindt jouw de beste YouTubeber

Redpanda gaming says:

Hi rev will you ever visit texas we have pretty good spawns

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