SHINY KYOGRE IN-GAME! This is What the NEW SHINIES Look Like in Pokémon GO!

SHINY KYOGRE GAMEPLAY! Today in Pokémon GO we show off Shiny Kyogre, Shiny Shellder, and Shiny Cloyster in game! We also explore more of Italy for Pokémon Go! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR SHINY HUNTS!



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Samual More says:

I need em bro 🙂

Jeonghan’s_Girlfriend I_Love_Seventeen_And_BTS says:

If you ever get a shiny kyogre,It’s 100% catch rate!Im also very exited because on June 12,I got invited to a EX raid

Kyle Swartz says:

I got a 98% IV Shiny Aerodactyl on my first adventure week research task.

Barbi Zalaznik says:

Please, dear Brandon, can we meet us in Slovenia? I am a big fan of you and it will be a great honor to see you!!! We are sooo close to each other here in a small Slovenia!

hrishi kesh says:

i hit lev 30

MillCityChris says:

Caught shiny kyogre for my son and shiny shelter. All I got was shiny aerodactyl and 2 shiny KABUTO

i_dont_like_puns says:

i got a shiny shelder on my first shiny check

Joe Aldridge says:

I got the shiny legendary on my first raid of the event

Kyler Andolina says:

maybe this will be the event wher i finally get a shiny in the wild!!!

Hagstik says:

Bro I’m sorry to tell you but mystic is ice…

Ethan Keene says:

my game closes before I get onto the map can anyone help me please

FFr0sty says:

i have found shiny kyogre with first kyogre raid 😀

Brenda lopez says:

I cot shiny Kroger

Hochetime Ling says:

Got a shiny kyoger and shiny magikarp no joke

AFALKANDARI 2007 says:

I found shiny Kyugre in first shiny check

Milan Schreuder says:

I have a shiny magikarp

But it is 10 cp and the iv is the worst you can get

darken27 says:

I wish there was a more permanent indicator of whether a pokemon is shiny or not. Like, if they constantly emit the sparkle texture, even when in gyms or encounters. As someone who is colorblind, if I miss that sparkle animation when they pop up, I don’t know if it’s shiny or not. Especially with the more subtle differences, like Dratini, Cloyster, Bulbasaur, Kyogre, Wailmer, etc.

GamingWithJaysen Wut says:

I’m going to the Water festival tomorrow

ahmad khaland says:

I caught a wild feraligator

aarxn_ 17 says:

Caught kayogre

Marshall Putman says:

Kyogre is a pink color when it’s shiny so that’s natural

Minato Namikaze says:


Andrew Perez says:

Come to Cleveland Mystic 7

Lena Žigić says:

Go to Croatia!!!

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