POST GAME CONFIRMED?! AMAZING New Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay Trailer!

NEW Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay Trailer! Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee looks AMAZING right now after some new gameplay. One small detail might also confirm a post game for tutor moves which would be HUGE! We still don’t know much about the Pokemon Let’s Go Breeding replacement or Pokemon Let’s Go Post Game. Pokemon Let’s Go News should get pretty insane here soon.

NEW Pokemon Let’s Go Trailer and Gameplay – Adventure awaits in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! (Nintendo Switch)
Japanese Pokemon Let’s Go Trailer
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Postgame
Bonus Mega Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay
Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee official website – Pokemon Let’s Go News

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Cj Brown says:

Can we also just talk about how most of the Pokémon they showed in this video are the ones trademarked a few months back?

austin mcclary says:

4:36 Ayone else notice kangaskans dizzy punch hit 2 times?

pedro says:

That’s probably guillotine not metal claw

Jonathan Böcker says:

I’ll become an magicarp master!!!

Nandakumar Kc says:

It will support only in PC?

Luis Motta says:

A amazing animation on Metal Claw? Nah! That Clefable is being fucked by a new animation Guillotine.

pizza09009 says:

Serebii mentions stuff about the post game.

A5YearOld says:

What’s the evolution of rhyhorn called again?

Dannon Cummings says:

It was the trailer when we saw Moltres and Zapdos for the first time i believe, it may have been a gameplay video, but i noticed that it is the same map, and same tm case as Fire red, in which case the SEVII ISLANDS ARE COMING BACK!

Miqueias Dose says:

Nintendo bitch boy promoting the game with no new info

The Awesome Eevee says:

There is only one thing I’m worried about for the games. Why is Eevee only shown with a female trainer and Pikachu only with a male trainer? The only 2 possible explanations are that we don’t get to pick gender or the Pokémon Company believes that Pikachu is mostly liked by males and Eevee for females. *cough, cough sexist, cough, cough

ic22487 Gaming says:

That stock music tho

Bobby Plummer says:

The one thing that would make me adore this game is to Litteraly have the other Pokemon in it also like gen 2-7 also

Brenna Bibler says:


Tyler Tandy says:

Hold up they caught a wild bulbasour

Samuel Johnson says:

I have a question: Are there enough Pokemon that learn Dark/Steel type moves?/Are there enough Dark/Steel type moves for the game?

The Ash Pikachu says:

At least the pokemon wont be nerfed like in pokemon go (cp rework rip blissey)

RazzleberryJam says:

It’s possible that Dragon Pulse will be added to Charizard’s learn pool.

DaShiku Brandeis says:

All these “Post game confirmed!?!?!?!” titles are kinda dumb at this point. Of course theres gonna be a post game. Theres been a post game in every gen since 3rd gen. They would have to be insanely stupid to not have a post game in lets go. Theres literally no way a pokemon game would not have a one nowaydays.

Samir Vasquez says:

I wanna be the very best that no one ever was

ZuperNEZ says:

I have been replaying FireRed recently and the Kanto games have you use the PokeFlute as an item to wake up sleeping Pokemon during battle. I was wondering what happens when you use the PokeFlute in battle in Let’s Go? I want to see the trailer where the player plays the PokeFlute.

Elliot George says:

Post-game confirmed on Serebii – beat the 151 Master Trainers.

Michelle Ferreira Nascimento says:

For those who complain about the game, they say that they are only the first generation, that there are no more pokémons and so on. It would be impossible to animate in less than 18 years so that all the smaller Pokémon follow the player, animation to ride the biggest ones, give individual personality to each Pokémon, visualize for clothes and to give individual personality to each Pokémon. It would take many years to do all this, remembering that we will have more than 900 pokémons, being that they have different bodies and therefore, can not standardize, in addition to more than 300 strokes to animate individually. It would be the equivalent of animating 900 characters individually, along with 300 strokes animations. It is insane to want this in less than two years. The Zelda game, with less than 80 different characters in all, and with 4 variations of horse bodies (changing only color of fur and tail), in addition to the detailed graphics, took 8 years and had to launch park because they could not finish in time. Imagine animating more than 900 characters, each with a different body and that therefore moves differently, giving individual personality to each one, besides allowing customization in each one of them, not to mention the creation of maps and NPCs , as well as players. It would take 16 to 18 years at least. With less than 80 characters, it was 8 years. This already gives an estimate, remembering that animators are not robots that can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They are people who need to eat, rest and have the right to vacation, in addition to having their own lives.

Paul Haber says:

Is breading 100% not in the game?

ZanderCross says:

At 0:36 why did that 2nd trainer not have her starter Pokémon on her head/shoulder? But can be seen with a vaporeon following her seems a little wierd to me

Efrain Raices says:

So like…
Is post game confirmed or nah?


all right bro you are now over hypeing these games

Samuel Johnson says:

I think that, during the first two weeks/month of November, Pokemon Go/Niantic should give all Kanto Pokemon double candy for each catch in order to promote the Let’s Go games.

James Allen says:

I can’t wait for Let’s Go ohmygosh I just want the game right now it’s so pretty and clean and amazing

RyanWake bradtelle says:

Here’s an idea if players want to battle Pokemon so much why why not have fully evolved Pokemon battles and then you have the option to catch them after. obviously this with me for every Pokemon but maybe the occasional Pidgeot flies over and you have the chance to catch it.

Guat93 says:

Mega fu*cking evolution!?

super_connor says:

OMG VERLISY miss something the male had a female pikachu, it was 0.27

Quotational says:

This is the first time I’ve seen Verlisify’s face. Note that I’m not even a fan of his. I’m a god damn hater cause HE EVEN LOOKS LIKE A FURRY IRL

Jermaine Carter says:

I like how you pointed out this trailer is basically like the video you did yesterday. Also, I’m disappointed we still don’t have more Lavender Town/Pokemon Tower gameplay.

Sir Mr. Man Savage says:

A TM for almost every move maybe?

RyanWake bradtelle says:

I wonder if YouTube created a system called review based views, which made every view which gives Nintendo half the money you make on this video and removes any companies right to copyright claim it if that will be worth it.

Greninja Gangster says:

I’m so glad that the Switch has THAT much power! It looks great

Chad Burton says:

What happened to the like dislike bar? It was uploaded today. How could it be disliked bombed so fast? People are pretty salty, seriously 151 master trainers to defeat? That an awesome postgame initiative. People need to get a grip.

Mazz M says:

Can someone explain to me why I got kicked from your server? Video is amazing, but I don’t know why I got kicked.

Sullen says:

Can you use candies to make pokemon like Haunter and Kadabra evolve like in GO?

Zak says:

Can I just say “confirmed” does not equal “possible”. There has not been confirmation of postgame move tutors or anything like that – there could be no postgame so far as we know. This is speculation.

Kanto Guy says:

The way they are doing the demo is stupid and unfair

Kendel Fregia says:

I got goosebumps watching this. Preordered my copy yesterday 😀

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