New game play for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee was showcased earlier today about Starter Pokemon customisation! New images have also surfaced so let’s take a look!
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Emmanuel Sanchez says:

Gameplay? you mean navigating the Menu? thats not gameplay, where are the battles

WhiteKyuremGaming 03 says:

Well dam don’t have a switch

shadowwizard 23 says:

Yeah I have been wondering about that too if they games are gender locked which doesn’t effect me and my brother because we already decided I am getting eevee because it is my favorite Pokemon and my brother is getting pikachu because it is a favorite of his. I can only think of one reason for the games begin gender locked and that is it’s important to the story so maybe my theory is true and eevee player character is blue daughter and pikachu player character is red son and I think are rival trace is dasiy oak son because we have not had a gender locked game since red/blue/yellow/gold/silver because crystal onward we always had a choice which I loved finally being able to choose a girl. No offense to red or Ethan they were awesome and blue was my first Pokemon game on gameboy.

Caleb says:

Can I get a heart from my favorite Pokemon YouTuber who I’ve been watching since 2015?

Des Jan says:

If it helps: the menu with the trainer and Pokémon is most likely the dress up menu since the words on the menu translate to body parts (ear, chest, etc). Also: games aren’t gender locked because in the first trailer for these games we get a quick screenshot of the girl character with pikachu on her shoulder.

kalii says:


Gretah Hounshell says:

Has to be options because the same thing is said in Japanese (can’t read it just put them side to side)

Dre Linthicum says:


Taimoor Ali says:

Actually in the trailer you can see the female with a pikachu

Amber Green says:

Nope. Not yet

James Skinner says:

Fans of the real games: get pissed that this game is for casuals…….. Game freak: show them more casual things that don’t have anything to do with the games to piss them off more!

chris mellios says:


Mark van der Wal says:

This game is going to be great.

But where was this gameplay showed?

flameburstgaming87 says:

Pikachu with a ribbon the couple ribbons is a male just look at its tail

Sumedh Dongre says:

Hey Hdvee I also play pokemon go would you like to be my friend my code is 4918 2420 1813

Hero Of The Wild says:

Not gonna lie I’m sad how pokemon battle system looks no different on the switch in comparison when fire emblem comes to the switch it got huge upgrade in battle system it looks so much cooler now heck even Pokemon battle revolution battle system looks way more dynamic then let’s go games I know this game is targeted for casuals but there’s still something they could at least try..

Edel says:

Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me…

Luca says:

can people stop hyping this game? it’s a pokemon game for noobs it will be the easiest pokemon game ever and im probably gonna skip it.

Dr_Redleaf says:

HDvee your voice is nice

Crystal Suicune says:

I’m really glad that you are covering three games, because it gives me news on the subject and I get to see more videos from you! Keep up the great content!

Harry Noke says:

I translate that menu as

Jessie Ray says:

this game might be good but lets talk about the big pikachu in the corner mates 😀

Jessica Larsen says:

That Eevee is so cute!

Ace Trainer Devin says:

In the let’s go trailer there is actually a girl with pikachu when they show the poke ball plus

Lightning Lucario Gaming says:

its my birthday can i get some likes?


I hope wild Pokemon battles get added before the games come out

Bug Catcher Lynke says:

Once I get my SSI i’ll get a Switch and XBox One, they’re are on my wish list. The games coming this and next year that I want come on those platforms. I might get a PS4 later but there isn’t a big hurry.

Erniiie J says:

Nice , can’t wait for these games! Thanks for sharing the footage

Kaxiom says:

Yo hvee I did a rough translation of the customization screen and it looks like the 4 Options are for the body parts of eevee or pikachu like the ears the tails and stuff

Rune Scribe says:

Alolan Meowth evolves through friendship + Level up

ROSA_LES88 says:

Man…not really feeling it to be honest.

The Toxic Master 777 says:

I think that the pokemon dressing up feature is only for pikachu and eevee for storage pepperses

Eonbree says:

That pikachu looks good

Serpy says:

In the lapras image leak, a male trainer had an eevee on his head.

BB Mc's World! says:

I need that Eevee right now ☺

Lazy venusaur says:

No. 51

le lapin says:

2048 8770 1855

Beast Unleashed says:

I have an Idea for the screenshot. That would be the starter pokemon choice the top choice–depending on the version-Is Pikachu or Eevee and the other one charmander bulbasaur and Squirtle.

dhaygdhig says:

Those ribbons look good for a MALE Pikachu…

Sprite Guy says:

I need a damn switch

Marcooni says:

tom is friday can i have some likes

PandaMochi says:

It looks like Pikachu and Eevee are on top of the trainer’s head, so I’m not sure what that feature does exactly, but it’s cute nonetheless ^^

GamerKyle 5555 says:


Pika Pal says:

More gameplay yes

Ultra beast Games says:

Yes I’m so excited but I’m tired

GamerKyle 5555 says:

Hi remember me you commented on my old channel

Rodney Hughes says:

Lol gender exclusive versions..sounds like u ran outta things to talk about

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