New game play of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee has just been released showing shinyPokemon and more information on how to hunt them as well as looking at the new method, let’s take a look!
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Watch the footage here:

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee are the first new Pokemon games to make their way on to the Nintendo Switch! This will most likely be followed by the Pokemon Generation 8 games and then the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl remakes shortly following after! On my channel you can expect daily Pokemon shiny hunting livestreams, Pokemon Let’s Plays & Walkthroughs, Pokemon Top 5/10’s & Pokemon Theories and much more Pokemon related content! I hope you guys enjoy what you see and be sure to subscribe if you enjoy my Pokemon videos!

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Omg,imma so hyped

Ibanez Beast says:

Tomorrow, you should do a live stream where you wonder trade or trade with viewers in USUM

Mooney 589 says:


Pokeninja says:

Second finally just need to be a bit quicker

aruna kumari says:

I am the first one to like and view

KryptonYugana says:

i will shiny hunt in these games, as i alwasy do after the main story.
because i know its my destiny

Mimikyugigas says:

soo shiny beedrill isn’t gonna be so impossible to get

Critical_Hitz says:

I’m early for once!

Wolfy Draws says:


Poijz❄ says:

Beautiful musical

Ultimate Luigi Mario says:

I love this shiny hunting method!It’s going to be a whole lot easier to catch the Shiny Pokemon!

KaWouter04 says:

I am sooo hyped

Austin Stover says:

phew I got scared when I heard moon stones weren’t going to be in the game, so relieved they are!

Goth Moth says:

I’m early, everything’s looking up milhouse

Umbreon 197 says:

Don’t really like this method, but I was going to go for all 150 shinies. Not sure if I was going to do living dex, but it doesn’t look too hard.

CaptainGoddamnLevi says:

The first pokemon i will shiny hunt are charmander and ponyta. And vulpix. I Love their shiny final Evolutions! But i wonder… you can trade for example a vulpix for an alolan vulpix. But what if you are trading a shiny vulpix? Will you get a shiny alolan vulpix for it?

FIFA 19 Pro says:

How do you evolve Pokemon catch Pokemon?

Wolfy Draws says:


HDvee says:

Are you looking forward to the new combo chaining method?

Tanusree Mondal says:

Can you do the playthrough on 16th November morning or on 17th November morning

Sarah says:

I want to try finding a shiny of every pokemon!

Adrién Diamond says:

Us 3ds players be shook.

Otis Lloyd Zollinger says:

I’ve preodered them all ready

nick games says:

shiny clefairy confirmed in pokemon go just calling it now and to make even more hype every shiny ever in pogo FUCKING exceting

talonthedarkhunter says:


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