Hey guys HDvee here! New game play for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee has arrived showing some very interesting features to do with rare Pokemon and chaining! Let’s take a look!
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Watch the video here:

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee are the first new Pokemon games to make their way on to the Nintendo Switch! This will most likely be followed by the Pokemon Generation 8 games and then the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl remakes shortly following after! On my channel you can expect daily Pokemon shiny hunting livestreams, Pokemon Let’s Plays & Walkthroughs, Pokemon Top 5/10’s & Pokemon Theories and much more Pokemon related content! I hope you guys enjoy what you see and be sure to subscribe if you enjoy my Pokemon videos!

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Joshua Ramasawmy says:


Trump is king says:

CNN is fake news
Shout out to the legendary Donald Trump

Kuljit C says:

You basically just stole dan tdm vid

Plushies Commander says:

so harder to catch rare pokemon like Dratini… that will be fun for rage quiters

Kuljit C says:

You basically just stole dan tdm vid

Tomgirl Sally says:


Alpha Blue says:

I am getting both

Team Starz says:

We already knew about the combo thing bird keeper Toby and seribi already told us while ago lol

Lucky Paola Studios says:

I’d like to catch every single shiny pokemon and train them to beat Master Trainers’s high level nonshiny pokemon 🙂

HDvee says:

What shiny Pokemon are you going to try and get first in Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee? :]

Robert Bartley says:

Time to cause a blast off

Marissa Williams says:

I got the Pikachu switch bundle so hype!!!

Zac lemaster says:

I’m getting let’s go pikachu

Michael Junor Shadow Snagger says:

I’m going to get Let’s Go Eevee with the Nintendo Switch and the Pokeball Plus bundle pack.

Ashik Rajkumar says:

1st. Hello HDVEE awesome video

poketuber McGuinness says:

I’m going to get eevee

Kenny Marler says:

Eevee first then ill buy pikachu the next pay check

CookieKing says:

Ur welcome

Corey Paul says:


Super Cute Espeon queen says:

I’m getting lets go eevee

day1 nigga says:

Let’s go eevee

John Belanger says:

I have the Pikachu Switch bundle preordered! Can’t wait

Jon Mahashintina says:

does anyone show off what the options button on the start screen does?

Pontuzaa says:

Im just SO SO SO Hyped this game is going to be the best

Entei Thepokegod42 says:

Caint wait!! But,I’m getting both for the the experience!

Nick Needs says:

I’m getting pokemon let’s go eevee

ikheb geenleven says:

I’m gonna get pikachu because my friend gets eevee so we have sort off a rivalry

Snooginzzz says:

If you choose evee over pikachu kys

Vaporeon the lucario one 2344 says:

Me and my brother will get let’s go eevee

Althenayan Family says:

I’m so happy that I can catch bulbasaur in viridian forest!

Mr. Jimenez says:


Eladbl11 says:

hdvee are you gonna take pokemon lets go eevee or pikachu?(pretty sure eevee but dont really know)(im taking eevee)

Barnett Brown III says:

At least I now know where Chansey and Mr. Mime are. I just hope I can catch them.

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