New game play for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee has arrived showing the beginning of the game! Starting in Pallet town and choosing your starter Pokemon! Let’s take a look!
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Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee are the first new Pokemon games to make their way on to the Nintendo Switch! This will most likely be followed by the Pokemon Generation 8 games and then the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl remakes shortly following after! On my channel you can expect daily Pokemon shiny hunting livestreams, Pokemon Let’s Plays & Walkthroughs, Pokemon Top 5/10’s & Pokemon Theories and much more Pokemon related content! I hope you guys enjoy what you see and be sure to subscribe if you enjoy my Pokemon videos!

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Aadi Mishra says:

This game is gonna get all sorts of love and hate towards it, but I love it!! Great job Matt with the quick and spiffy uploads!!

OneStop Meal Deal says:

In all honesty, this game is sort of a blessing and a curse, as it means that we might get more home console games, but its not a gen 4 remake and some of the changes are just weird.

diamondkid711 says:

#TeamEevee for the win!

HDvee says:

Hope you guys enjoy the new gameplay! How do you guys feel about the start of Pokemon lets go Pikachu and lets go Eevee? :]

GamerdudeYT155 HD says:

So do u get pick from the old trio bulbasuer and squirtle or charmander

UncleBrian81 says:

I like this & can’t wait to play these. I think you might be right with soft resetting because someone might also want to sift reset for a female starter

1000 subs with no videos? says:


Kanto Guy says:

You catch pikachu

Kanto Guy says:

The boy character you pick catches pikachu

Aditya Tiwary says:

Bhai Kam bol

KryptonYugana says:

anyone noticed the “met each other *AGAIN* ” ?

Team magma grunt Gamesrus says:

I’m so excited for this game

Ternnax Beast says:

That moment when eevee isn’t picked…

but then again this is let’s go pikachu so you kinda have to get pikachu.

Liam Hayes says:

Red version poster, how sad I spotted that straight away at 31 years of age lol

Im.The.Doctor says:

If they are going to make a friendly rival they need the make them hard to beat. The thing about Blue/Gary was the rival was hard, you just got done with a gym battle and you go out and you get smoked by your rival. These pokemon games need to not let you get through an entire game without losing a single battle.. I understand the casual player, but it really wouldn’t be that hard to add a difficulty slider.

Tommy Marino says:

You somehow always get these types of videos over 10 minutes every time. Gotta get that ad revenue 😉

David Sinigaglia says:

Hello, do you know if pkmn let’s go will be available on Nintendo e shop or just physical?

Deep Handry Costa says:

OMG I really liked this game. Also I am a big fan of Pokemon

Talion Dirhail says:

can the partner pokemons, eevee or pikachu be evolved? or is it locked?

RedDied says:

Why is the mom black?

lucrando 13 says:


Wallace Sigourney says:

This looks asome

The Red Absolite says:


Keegon Tuck says:

cool video

Plushies Commander says:

Pre ordered my lets go Pikachu this morning from GAME I got pikachu cause Eevee doesn’t evolve

Aditya Tiwary says:

You talk too much

Kanto Guy says:

https://youtu.be/NSmE5yOYQpU go to this YouTube video to see it it’s in Japanese though from a Japanese youtuber

BraixenGaming says:

hi matt great video

Anirban's Pokevids says:

I think Pikachu and Eevee would be shinylocked

SupaleeNate says:

I’ll see you all in two months in the competitive scene I’m gonna be Shiny Hunting Eevee.

Michael A Burns says:

Wow face recognition neat and I still prefer Eevee

HorseMan 25 says:

sun and moon starter was long as hell

Tommy Marino says:

Nothing will beat the Oras intro. Sorry

The Unknown ??? says:

oh my god

dragonkingdom says:

HDvee the reason they look surprised is because pikachu
came out of the pokeball on itself without you taking the pokeball
oak even says: what a strange pokemon indeed it sure doesn’t like
to stay in one place

Zack Stein says:

HDvee I’m just gonna get, Lets go pikachu

HyperColt18 says:

Less talking more watching

What did you do to Snoke says:

*Have you seen Polygon’s two articles about the Pokemon series and Poketubers? It’s outrageous! UNTHINKABLE.*

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