Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu & Let’s Go! Eevee GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE – New TRAILER Breakdown!

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Today was a big day in Pokemon’s history, we got brand new games including the heavily rumoured Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee! We also got gameplay footage, so I’ve done you a favour by breaking down the gameplay to tell you everything you need to know!

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYyg5tNQnM8&t=13s

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Twintendo_

TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/twintendo_

Outro Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCTDQr5nR60

Twintendo Character Art by Bonus__Level: https://twitter.com/Bonus__Level

Twintendo Animations by King Slime:
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealKingslime
– YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCttyDjIxO8hNK3mW0p7qgAw

Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu & Let’s Go! Eevee GAMEPLAY – New TRAILER Breakdown!
Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu & Let’s Go! Eevee GAMEPLAY – New TRAILER Breakdown!
Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu & Let’s Go! Eevee GAMEPLAY – New TRAILER Breakdown!


Darkmega5 says:

You forgot about eshop lol

Anthony F says:

The Throw Bonuses (eg:Nice/Great/Excellent) in Pokémon Go aren’t XP based. At the start of the game they didn’t even give extra xp, that was added later. Their main function is to give a multiplicative catch rate bonus based on how small the circle is when the Pokeball is thrown, if you hit within the circle.

DingDongDanger says:

Pokemon Go’s capture method is my absolute least favorite… I enjoy a good battle and then throwing the ball. It makes it feel like you’re subduing the Pokemon… I hate just spamming balls and waiting for the stupid thing to stop attacking or flying up. Eff that. The rest of it looks awesome though.

They NEED to bring back hidden bases and Pokemon competitions. Like the Beauty competition.

Ryan Gilroy says:

I’m team eevee all the way

TheRegularTV says:

6:35 the base thing you mentioned I think you are wrong about that because in the original Fire red and leaf green there were little leaks in the caves (such as mount moon) that were only visual aesthetics

8:00 I see a little empty bar under the health so I am assuming that its the exp bar and its just empty

Paul Novacek says:

I know you may have had people tell you this already, but the xp bar IS there. It’s just that it’s empty in the screenshot. The light green HP bar is a little hard to see, so you probably assumed the dark green empty xp bar was the HP bar.

Carl Barker says:

Watch this game have micro transactions

1 2 says:

So no Diamond and pearl remakes/boots but TWO remakes on Gen 1. I know this is a spin-off but all I need to make this better is the announcement of a good game. I bet this is going to turn Pokémon into fortnite , just an extremely toxic fan base bringing down a pretty enjoyable and fun series or game.

aWarriorFromFarAway says:

When you finally got a Master Ball and you miss….

Bblurre says:

the games look pretty cool to me. as long as the future main line games arent all like this lol

Gjokaj says:

Is there gyms in this game?

GiaKommo-o Inkling II says:

Not gonna lie, I am sick and tired of Kanto remakes. I agree that for many people Kanto was the first game and region they visited, but seriously? I know that this is just a spin-off, but this will be the FIFTH time we visit Kanto (RBY, GSC, FRLG, HGSS). I think it should have been more like Coliseum (Colisseum? Coliseumm?) or something like that.

Spectral Robot says:


ROBO Satazo says:

I like how this game looks, it’ll be a lot more casual and more orientated on catching instead of battling, It’s nice to see a Pokemon game go off in that direction (aside from pokemon go).

TonyGamer says:

You missed the XP bar, it is the black thing below the health bar, they are just empty.

Ralph Piper says:

So the evidence does indeed point that this is the future of the franchise. The director going on record to say this is a CORE series game. The fact there will be a release in 2019 does NOT mean it will not be like Let’s Go. So the best thing to do it wait for further information and quit attacking each other.

Fact: This is confirmed as main series “Core” game.
Fact: There is another game coming out in 2019.

Everything else is guesses.

Foxfire0002 says:

I probably won’t buy it because is not a main series game, but I I think I might understand why Nintendo is releasing it.

If you think about it Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee is a combination of two separate games: a core rpg and the mobile casual game Pokemon Go. By combining these two games and showing us a different art style and features we have asked for and liked and some new features included, I believe Nintendo is testing the waters for Pokémon RPG 2019 and ask working on getting the Pokémon Go players to play more mainstream Pokémon as well.

fritzo scamen plays says:

Twintendo! You are my favourite YouTuber but I got a new phone. This meant I lost all of my subscriptions and I forgot your name. I forgot your name but I have finally found you. I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time to quish sum eevee porn

Kyubi NCB says:

first off love the video i went and per ordered eevee today! but towards the 8min mark you talk about the experience bars it looks as if they are below the green health bar and to the right of the hp numbers. i hope this game is as good as it looks. keep up the great work!

Kayleigh Brown says:

Love the idea of no more random encounters for the new gen, along with pokemon fallowing you so I do hope those two are carried though to gen 8. I do wish you could get the evolutions of all the gen 1 pokemon and of course the capture micanic is quite gimiky but I have a feeling that won’t carry on to the next gen since it’s more hand held based.

OzRedCat says:

Twintendo said some things that aren’t true down in the comment section, and it’s not his fault, but to clarify:
1. No online was a misunderstanding/mistranslation by one of the journalists at the event, there is online play
2. It is a main series core RPG game

tyler lynch says:

1. The last thing I wanna do is throw the pokeball myself I’m a lazy player haha
2. How many people do you guys think will throw there joycon at there tv haha

Minty D. says:

There is an XP bar he just didn’t see it 7:53

Marissa Cole says:

This spinoff game seems to be aimed at people who are fans of Pokémon go. I didn’t really enjoy Pokemon go, but I’m willing to give this game a try depending on new information we get about it. It may be a good game to pass the time with while we wait for the main gen 8 game.

Johnathan Rose says:

im disapointed that we didnt get a main core story, but this still worth every penny and the graphics are beautiful!

J335H says:

I think you can see the exp points bar under the hp bar. It looks blacked out though, so maybe the Pokemon have just perfectly hit a level or are recently captured, idk.

Dawoud Janjua says:

It comes out on my birthday

Mat Mel says:

Whats the background music

Tyler Amick says:

They said in the conference that any of your Pokemon can follow you, and in the case of some larger Pokemon, you’ll ride them instead of having them follow you. So it’s not necessarily conclusive that PokeRide is here to replace HMs per se (though I do have a huge doubt that they’ll have HMs ever again)

Dr.T0ilet says:

the Trailer Shows a following bulbasaur and Pikachu on the shoulder, so you can either pick a Starter+ having Pikachu , or they gave the Player a was to obtain starters like they did in yellow back then

Akeem Taylor says:

By the super rare chance that i get this game, i choose eevee. Im kinda tired of pikachu. Not to mention eevee evolves ino lne of my favorite pokemon of all time

NinJaZ Creed says:

Don’t care if it’s not a main game I’m still buying it wooooooooo

Tyler Braton says:

10:00 although it appears that Pokemon do follow you, I’m pretty sure taking your Pokemon out for a stroll refers to you using the pokeball controller and walking around in real life. I’m sure that the Pokemon following you in game will be the first member of your party.

Lars franck christensen says:

2018 lets go pikachu/lets go eevee and pokemon quest
2019 generation 8
2020 generation 4 remake primal diamond/primal pearl maybe other ideas

Twintendo says:

Just to clarify a few things:

1) It’s confirmed there is no online play, it’s local only
2) This game is a spin off, not a main series
3) This is NOT the game Nintendo mentioned last E3. That is the game coming next year, which will be a main series game (Gen 8 or D&P Remakes)
4) Next year’s game will focus more on handheld gameplay, whereas this game is more focused on home console

The Pokeman 52 says:

There’s more clefairy in that cave than paras? That’s not right. There’s supposed to be one clefairy underneath a dogpile of a billion ratatta

kellybirdrocks says:

I’m definitely team eevee. Can’t wait to wear it on my head and dress it up. The exp bar is there, under the HP bar. That magikarp must be a very high level in magikarp jump xD

Ole kristian Grindheim says:

that is the diffrence between the games exept pikachu and Eevee??

Jackie Foxx says:

The EXP bar is a a
small empty bar under the hp bar

Malcolm Elliott says:

I hate the wild Pokemon system I liked fighting wild Pokemon to level up my Pokemon

Sara Weddel says:

So do we have to catch Pokemon like in go or can we choose to battle them first. I kinda hate the catching mechanism/method in go.

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