Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Gameplay – FULL NINTENDO E3 PRESENTATION!

Nintendo at E3 https://e3.nintendo.com/
Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee Nintendo Treehouse Livestream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FchkqXEg0qs
Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Gameplay Reaction at E3! The Pokemon Let’s Go Demo gives us a lot of information on the New Pokemon Games and this is my live reaction to the 2018 Pokemon E3 Presentation.


RocketTwurpSLR says:

Watched it a while ago now, you did amazing coverage of e3. Best poketuber:3

I am more hyped for this game even more it’s beautiful 🙂

I don’t feel like it’s as bad as the haters are saying, just by looking at he battlescreen I don’t think it’s much alike Pokemon go as everyone said, cuz it also has mechanics that the normal Pokemon game would have but better.

It’s silly if they don’t think it’s a main series game just cuz it’s simul to Pokemon go.

HPG Cody says:

Honestly i feel like this version of pokemon I’m going to replay over and over because i think its going to be a great game less reason to repel the whole game

Ben Simpkins says:

looks good. now that i know some more details im sure it will be enjoyable, that said no matter who says, you have no right to say whether or not somebody is devoted to pokemon or not, this is the one and only thing i don’t like about your channel

Michael Feerick says:

can you not talk during this

King Kong says:

Did I hear someone say misingno?

Pokemon Maker says:

Smell ya later…..

Shanice Lopez says:

I don’t care what people say I will buy both of them anyway I think the game is beautiful I don’t understand why they hate this game the game didn’t even come out yet and they still criticizing Nintendo heart work I will play the game when it come out  go buy the game then you all will know if it’s good or bad if the game is awful then get your money back  that would solve the problem

Ned Sureechainirun says:

But can you transfer pokemon from gen 7 to this game???????????

Nicole H says:

It’s official, my 5 year old is getting my Let’s Go Pikachu pre order for Christmas. I’m so going to be lost in the Eevee version.

Travis Smithe says:

I saw Snorlax chilling the fuck out lmao. Buyingggg

dan B says:

I admit, i was going to buy it to play and it looked great but now I couldn’t be more sold on it. It just looks so incredible

Chris Van Halen says:

All the people that says that they’re gonna skip this game, Don’t make me laugh. We all know you’re gonna buy this day one

Maya Dunphy says:

Can u be female trainer with pikachu version?

Jonathan Veiga says:


Mtsor Games says:

I​ am happy they did not implement the stardust. Also the ev looks better than the actual games.

Gabo Rey Calleja says:

I love the game, but they should of made fights and then you can catch teh pokemon, like a ko or something like that

Bran Hern says:

I skimmed the video because it was a bit long. Was it said that there will be any benefit of transferring Pokemon Go Pokemon to Let’s Go besides the park?

Tygarion T says:

It’s horrible they are just trying to make people play Pokemon Go more to get better in Pokemon lets go it kinda is horrible it loses the fun now you’ll have to play Pokemon go to get better in Pokemon lets go

Jabberwocky Draco says:

onix needs a buff. it’s portrayed as a massive rock snake but only has 45 in atk, it’s speed is it’s best stat second to its defense.

Carey938 says:

I hope that they have something for using strength on the truck near the s.s anne. Maybe that’s how ya get mew, that would be cool

iMthEphsyco0FREAK says:

I noticed that Eevee in party slot 6 that Eevee wasn’t gaining EXP like the rest of them. Do you think there’s a reason for that?

DryBones271 says:

That is not true, that they never made a “Bad Pokémon Game” there’s Pokémon Dash, Hey You, Pikachu, and Pokémon Channel.

TheBattleZone2016 says:

I THINK THE GAME IS GREAT! Can someone please tell me how we are going to be able to transfer Pokemons from other generations onto this game? Through the pokemon app application? Will this game also be getting an update later on, so that we can use PokeBank with it? That would be cool!

PokeJake 28 says:

Can you all stop complaining its getting very annoying. This is a great game.

Nocturnal Toothbrush says:

I never understood the different versions. Whats’s the difference between the Pikachu and Eevee editions?

Nal says:

Can’t hear shit cause he won’t stop talking during the important parts zzz, off to look for the raw footage.

Hwang황정민 says:

Nice to know Nintendo pays white people to promote their games. Especially ugly dumb ones like the one in the video. Well then, if my money is being used to pay dipshits like him, I’d rather it’s spent elsewhere.

FocussedBook says:

I hope you are able to do a 1v1 battle in local that would be nice


i came here to hear the information from the presentation. not useless, non funny commentary

Golden Rose says:

I enjoyed watching this treehouse.

R Ferreira says:

This brings no challenge whatsoever. 50 pounds for this? Get a f. Grip lol

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