Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu + Eevee NEW GYM GAMEPLAY!! Trailer Reaction w/ TheKingNappy

i’m just blown away by home these games look 😮
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original trailers


Enzo Skrypnik says:

If this is a gen 1 game I want Missingno in the game.

Lord_Walrus says:


Adam Rodriguez says:

I do like that the wild Pokemon are roaming around in the world as oppose to being random encounters.

Also it would be amazing if your rival ended up being a huge dick

Crimson Knight says:

pokemon lets go cash grab and lets go zzzzz

Sakutaro〈3musik says:

This Game only lives from his Grafik or would someone Buy this if the Game would be in Pokemon Yellow Grafik

Gabe Nelson says:

Boom roasted you idiots

Trainer Orange says:

I love how Nappy is memeing these trailer reactions and discussions XD

Cosmicthunder500 says:

I literally think this game is just trying to bring Pokémon go back from the dead…

George says:

18:27 *Brockanda forever*

TheGreatHeeroYuy says:

Co-op Soul link

Wailmore says:

Bruh, that’s Blue. He’s still a fucking jerk. There’s no way their changing that.

Lurgas 'Tyki' says:

That’s what i imagined. Saying you dislike Gary is the same as saying “i wanna start a war”

Duston Smith says:

Nappy trying to pause the video on Eevee is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day xD

wizzzd says:

I have a smartphone but no mons are spawning where I live. I had it for 3 months now checking it everyday and I still olny have my squirtle.

Freds Dedd says:

Your reactions are amazing! Amping my nostalgia for this game!!

Matthewbraith 0 says:


Albert Kramer says:

These thumbnails are too good

Pokemon Master101 says:

i’m so getting Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu hands down

Sarah Rose Jones says:

In this comment section, I see people keep on saying about Trace (the Friendly Rival), don’t they know that a rival is someone who is determined to beat you at anything whether they are friendly (like the last 15-17 years) or an arsehole (like Blue and Silver). Also don’t they know that the LGPE rumours stated that Red and Blue have a part in the story somehow.

All I’m saying is we don’t know anything about Trace except for the footage they’ve shown us, don’t judge the game yet until you buy the game because it’s not out yet and people are getting annoying because they are judging the game before they play which I think is completely fucking stupid.

Emerald Solace says:

What kind of bland ass rival is this lol. No one is gonna remember him. He looks like one of the people in any town that just never moves.

Hunter Patrick Lindsey says:

Imagine people getting butt hurt over the rival being “friendly” like grow up lmao.

Jack O Donovan says:

That intro was everything

B.A Play says:

Maybe the poliwrath is a trade. Isn’t cerulean where you trade your poliwrath for jinx in the original games?

Particles Chaos says:

still not enough to make me get a switch lol

Centaursixtysix says:

If Pikachu doesn’t get earthquake in this game I’ll be mad

QueenCloveroftheice says:

As for the difficulty settings, they should have clever names like “Pokémon Master” for the hard mode. I would say “Novice” for the easy mode, but most kids wouldn’t know what that means and click the hard mode without knowing lol

The Giant Donut!!970 says:

I want this game I don’t care if its the worst Pokémon game I just need it

Rawad Abi Orm says:


Bluo Surfes says:

The graphics are fucking phenomenal! Going to buy this game day 1 of release! Also nappy don’t say the word fire dawg in 2018!

TheTamale King says:

Wait I need context xD why is Fearow a KKK member? I NEED to know how

Louistubegaming NL says:


Connor Fitz says:

I am not a fan of of eevee and pikachu
So I can’t box them I will be sad unless we can evolve them but I’m pretty sure we can’t

Retro Red says:

This game does look good im not denying that. but as far as your “graphics matter” rant i have to kindly disagree. me and my bf can play gens 1-5 over and over again yet we dont even touch gen 6 and 7. same thing goes for games on ps4 and other consoles as well. we would rather play tomb raiders 1-5 or perfect dark and golden eye on n64 before playing fortnite or call of duty. those games are not appealing to us. what you fail to understand is because newer games are focused on graphics rather than gameplay this is why your seeing crappy games being showcased at E3 every year. Nintendo and al lthese other companies can get away with giving you crap games every year because they know your gonna buy those games anyway. why even try to be unique? why should they be? modern gamers accept mediocrity. In any case though the game would be great even if the graphics werent enhanced. Its gen 1 after all. Nice video hun. keep up the great work.

alfredosakhar says:

I feel like I am the only one that is really really excited for Pokemon Lets Go. It Looks so amazing and just bc the first Gym seems easier does not mean the whole game will be. I am excited for the Game and I hope when it finally comes out the hate stops bc everyone realizing its a good Game. I just think a lot of ppl wont even be Open minded while playing it and it will destroy their joy of playing the new Pokemon Game

Kelvin Burrell says:

I understand people are irritated that blue isnt in the game but, have yall ever thought that this might be takin in place after sun and moon, like these are completley differant trainers cuz they dont look like red or green like are original main characters. Or this could be just another differant story like how sun and moon and ultra sun and ultra moon wokred. Just sayin

ItzGubblez says:

that intro made me deaf

Capt. Person says:

Soundtrack: 10/10 | Hairstyles for Pokemon: Why the fuck/10

Pat Gencarelli says:

There’s a third trailer that shows off Jessie and james

Milos Milacic says:

Maybe that poliwrath sign means trade.

Kingsolver says:

If you’ve already seen screeshots, this is barely a reaction. You always do this. I want to see your initial reaction.

Samli says:

Nappy use < and > to move a video by frame and use space bar to pause.

Jar Jar Trump says:

when you have auto play on and are falling asleep then this plays…

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