Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! – E3 2018 Gameplay [HD]

E3 2018 Gameplay of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!. More E3 2018 trailers and gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi8rTpm0dFlJMMSBeuM-6aL75-i823X4k
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Metal Scorpion says:

They get rid of battling wild Pokemon. They get rid of the good rival. They get rid most of the difficulty. But God forbid they get rid of the light years dialogue.

Name is irrelevant 444 says:

Nintendo just skip this game and move on to gen 8!!!!!! Before alot of people quit pokemon (cp reallllly)

xPDoG says:

I like how they’re talking about how battling can be easier for a novice player in a 2 on 1 situation and they’re battling a fuckin level 3 metapod tf is this

Get Rekt says:

Someone please explain I’m to stupid for this. It looks like you encounter pokemon when you aren’t walking in tall grass. How does that work exactly or am I missing something?

TheWarlordShogun says:

In my first playthrough of Yellow version, I beat Brock with a pidgey and a metapod. Fuck using grass and water types.

flamesword300 says:

It would’ve been cool to have wild Pokémon battles and then use the Pokémon go pokeball system to enhance catch rates.

CallmeAffiliated says:

At this point i would suck someones dick for even just the logo of animal crossing for switch

Joshua Cortes says:

Nooo.. not exp share ; _ ;

Roshan Kappa says:

Pokemon company should understand. Pokemon game and anime is not for child anymore lots of teenager playing/watching it

Tyler Ayers says:

I like the way you catch Pokémon but my favorite part was battles and grinding exp and I can’t do that know thanks man

CallmeAffiliated says:


luke hodges says:

What idiot thought it would be a great idea to remake Gen 1 with a freakin watered-down version of the pokemon go mechanics!?
Don’t they watch their own Cartoon?

TheDanimator's Channel says:

It really makes no sense to get upset about this game…If they didn’t even make this game and just gave a teaser for the game coming in 2019 no one would really be upset.
If you don’t like this game just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Kaichu says:

I just really hope the next pokemonmg ame will have normal mechanics again… pokemon go is boring dudes… accept it!

IsaRat89 says:

I remember when I was 7, barely understood English, basically learning it by playing Red, still managed to beat it without being handheld and cuddled. Dear Nintendo, go back to giving us a challenge.


So it Pokemon Go for the Nintendo Switch and home use SORRY I’ll pass on this one Nintendo

Branden Neal says:

Wow how stupid!!! You can’t fight wild pokemon, and watch they will ignore all fan feedback and not change a damn thing. Nobody wants to just throw pokeballs at pokemon to catch them, that was the big problem with pokemon go, sure keep the catching system it’s fine but we need more battles

bigtomivan says:

this game is just how pokemon go shouldve been, go capture mechanics and old style battle mechanics. Very disappointed its just a go console port. It looks very nice but the gameplay has been stripped. No thanks.

Metal Scorpion says:

I don’t want to catch the same Pokemon multiple times. The whole point is to make bonds with your team. What kind of bond would I have with my charmander if I just threw him away for a bigger one
Your proving team plasma’s point

Zaiter SSJ says:

Muy bien, alto juego. Los de niantic que larguen el maldito Safari Zone para Latinoamerica en Pokemon Go!!!!

DarthOliptius says:

Is there even any variety to throwing balls? It seems like no matter how you flick controller it always goes to the center.

Alan Nguyen says:

Pokemon Go: Couch

Dylan Baez says:

why couldn’t they just make a remake of red or blue and keep this art style 🙁

RexTheBear says:

this new pokemon game is dumb for me (this is an opinion) coz why making a game but you guys just made another version of the old game????? and then what is the reason catching random pokemon and u need a specific type pokemon just to battle a gym? also i hate how they make pokemon be annoying like “oh i ran out of berries i need more” you guys know what i mean? also no more wild battles? like why nintendo why? if i were one of the designers in nintendo i would not approve the new catching mechanics because many people hate the pokemon go catching mechanics like for real nintendo are you guys trying to make pokemon a bad game? also we want pokemon to be intense not by feeding the pokemon just to capture it we want wild battles

Virus Jones says:

Lame I like sacrificing innocent Pokémon for the benefit of leveling up my team

Jaivardhan Deshwal says:

cant believe the games released around 2000 were far better in everything (except graphics) and I am not saying this because of nostalgia or shit

Unpopular Opinion says:

what did you do to it i was going to buy the switch because of these games now im not congrats. im a long time Pokemon fan and lover but i am not okay with this i played red version a year after realsese in the U.S this is just wrong.

CampaignerSC says:

Make a new pokemon stadium.

Jepp says:

Dumbing down the gyms is definitely a stupid move but taking away wild battles is literally replacing a whole chunk of the gameplay with a Mario party mini game rather than anything that requires any skill what so ever

KingIceBear says:

Just be thank full that they released a game this year y’all are so ungrateful it seems like they worked really hard on this and if you don’t like it just wait for gen 8

Sploof Mcsterra says:

Yall, for those who are complaining, this game isn’t aimed at you. This is more for those who enjoy other aspects of pokemon than the fighting and challenge, and long to interact with their pokemon.

If it tried to compete in the battle aspect it would miserably fail since it is focusing on the bond between pokemon and trainer.

Audrey McKnight says:

No wild battles… but this is a spinoff, not main series, right?

MadameSprixie says:

I’m worried that Pokémon Gen 8 will end up using this game’s engine and visual style and honestly, this doesn’t look great to me. Believe me when I say I’m the last person to be negative towards my favourite series, but I can’t help but feel underwhelmed by this. Maybe my opinion will change by November.

Leonardo Melo Guizar says:

When is the game out? Pls respond

Cassie Davidson says:

Is this a main game or a side game?

wylinder says:

I’m glad that pokemon is making a game for the children so they can comletely ignore them in the new game. Personally I would have made poke park 2 or something in lets go’s place. I can’t belive I’m saying this, but this is the first pokemon game that I would actually rate as trash.

Prax says:

It’s a waste for money !

Chris Flan says:

What a disaster

Drewster says:

Okay thought about it and wild pokemon battles were never good for training. Trainer and gym battles were the best source of EXP. Catching Pokmon now skips the battle part and you can focus on the catching. Plus every time you catch a Pokemon your party gains EXP. Different but won’t hurt the main quest of the game

IsaRat89 says:

Ok, not buying a switch

Tatertawt24 says:


Marcianito 100% real no fake says:

I prefer Metroid pinball than this disappointing game.

UÇK Fighter says:

The gameplay sucks i will never support that pokemon go gameplay

Georgina C says:

Guys, this is clearly aimed at beginner/light level players. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it. There will be a new game just for you next year. I’m sorry life is so tough for you. You’re special and everything should be made for you first *eyeroll*

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