Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu – Demo DIRECT FEED Co-Op Gameplay (Viridian Forest)

In this direct feed footage of the Demo Version of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu, we team up with another trainer to explore Viridian Forest and catch some Pokémon!
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Ray Balof says:

I saw this and immediately went on my switch to see if it was there. I’m now crying inside

TayoEXE says:

“But the Pokemon League rules say only one at a time!”

Avalon Mandrake says:

Instead of making a massively long-winded comment on why i love or hate this game (despite it not being done yet), i’m just going to say i love the music, i love the following pokemon, and i think i’ll have fun playing this game. And in the end, that’s what matters to me.

Lazer Keyboard says:

This mad me think it was on the eshop

IMLR. says:

It isn’t actually half bad that we don’t “fight” Wild Pokemon anymore, cause I thought the grinding at higher levels just never ends. It does still gives you XP if you catch one, which is nice in return

Ramses Mendoza says:

Watching the trainers just stand there soulless just ruins the vibe, why add them in if they do nothing other than throw and stand. They should freak out when their pokemon gets hit, cheer when their pokemon is successful, get worried when their pokemon is low on health, and occasionally just look like their coaching or talking to their pokemon. They’re just soulless though and it’s really lame.

Inkling Mario says:

Has there ever been a Pokemon game that has a bad soundtrack? cause I literally can’t think of one.

MasacoMike says:

Not battling wild Pokemon to capture them just feels……off. The fun in catching Pokemon is to try and weaken the opponent while not making them faint in the process. Having just throw a ball without sending out any Pokemon feels too weird. Really hope a main stream Pokenon game to come out soon.
Can’t wait for this comment to be lost in a whole sea of other comments 😉

O_Nosepass says:


Carlo Davies says:

Those shadows need serious work

Vaibhav Shah says:

Is it me or the textures in this game look super low res and washed out? I mean look at the ground grass texture during pokemon battles! Fucking really! Forget adding grass using tesselation, they could not be even bothered with a good quality texture? Looks like assets directly ripped from Sun and Moon. It looks like high res 3DS game with some basic anti aliasing. This is just lazy and considering that anything Pokemon sells like there is no tomorrow, there is no excuse for this except GameFreak’s laziness.

Busy Bee says:

Why do I feel like they are trying to “gamexplaining” to me??
It’s very condescending

nothing to do here says:

if you say nostalgia one more time i’ll come to your house and beat the shit out of you, Nostalgia my ass, Kanto was available in every freakin generation!
Gen 1: red/blue/yellow
gen 2 : gold/silver/crystal
gen 3: fire red/ leaf grean
gen 4: heart gold/ soul silver
gen 5: is basically Kanto re-imagining
gen 6: a lot of kanto megas
gen 7: alolan forms…

all that shit, and you dare to say “nostalgia” you’re as ungrateful to GameFreak as we are

seanroot1 says:

It would of been nice for them to release the demo to everyone to download on their switch

El cactus de la muerte says:

Not enough water 2/10

G 92 says:

I can’t get over how cute they made the girl player, too bad she doesn’t show up outside of co-op mode if I pick the boy character… I think
Also great to hear Eevee’s cry from the anime. On equal status to Pikachu almost
I don’t know which version I’m getting, but honestly don’t care about the Pokeball Plus

John Paul says:

How do you get these demos for Pokémon let’s go pikachu

Renzo Dragneel says:

It’s always Viridian Forest, show something else!

Skorrpio says:

Man I hope trainers have more than 1 Pokemon each later in the game, that was the worst thing about gen 7. Whats the point of a trainer battle if its just one Pokemon? It defeats the purpose of a trainer battle entirely(fighting multiple Pokemon without running or catching). Honestly I think gen 7 is one of the worst gens because of that along with not being able to skip cutscenes. Regardless I’m still super hype to play this game.

Andrew Peterson says:

Yo, did anyone hear part of pokeli’s Professor oak 8 bit theme when you were talking to professor oak?

Just a viewer lol says:

I just want to try the demo already, I want to know if I should pre-order or not 🙁

RJ Anderson says:

Sooo when is this demo gonna drop tho??

Andres E. Gomez M. says:

Well, this game has beautiful music but that’s it.
I know Sakurai deserves a long rest after Smash Ultimate, buuut… What if he supervised the next Gen 8 game and actually included all features from all previous games? a.k.a. Pokémon Ultimate.

Tom Diepeveen says:

The co op trainer battles are a bit unfair if you ask me but maybe in the future the better trainers can use two pokemon against a co op

Fahad Ashfaq says:

I hate cosplaying pokemon

Galblade says:

I was anxious about pikachu using a contact move on nidoran female… then I became sad.

nintendork64 says:

I absolutely love the presentation of this game, from the graphics, to the orchestrated soundtrack, to the way trainer battles look. It’s probably the closest to the anime the series has gotten, and it’s always a dream of mine to have a Pokemon game that looks and plays like the anime. If this was set in a new region, I’d pick it up, but I’m just not interested in exploring Kanto yet again.

Dj bolanis says:

Is it on switch wagon this time? No? Fine, I’ll just sleep some more then…

Mamodokod says:

I wish they’d stop calling these just demos cuz every time I see it I whip out my switch and see if there is a demo.

Busy Bee says:

Why would I get this if pokemon go is free and already on my phone?? Plus this looks really complicated compared to Go!

The Pokeman 52 says:

Man, Santalune Forest sure got an update

PkmnRay says:

They kinda butchered the Wild pokemon battle theme tbh

DDViking says:

So you Are just gotta keep buying pokeballs to even grind?

M Meijers says:

Support Trainers can hotjoin IN BATTLES?! that’s pretty broken

Omg floaty fall.

Midnight Ninja says:

Always hated the slow burn beginning of Pokemon games. Too many dialogue boxes about things we’ve known for decades

ThrtFkr says:

Looks better than I imagined it would.

MikeTheEnforcer says:

It seems GameFreak threw out the age old question graphics vs gameplay. And chose graphics.

SkullDeku20 /SkullMG says:

The music sounds off.
Too off. Varidian forest music in this is off.
I was a former fan of pokemon but
I dont trust myself to go back to this series.

Joe McGill says:

Right…. so you can catch meowth and psyduck in viridian forest too

Theauramasternul says:

Demo version? Is this on the switch eShop for the public?

Alex Barker says:

Hang on you can two v one the opponents??! I know I could obviously handle that if I was the person with one but come on!!!

FrozenFacade says:

Support trainer…

Daniel Franke says:

Is this game only fucking Viridian Forest?

Mandatorial says:

I don’t get why the didn’t go the extra mile and voice act all or most of the original 151 Pokémon. It’s so weird to have Pikachu say “pika”, but not having Charmander say “char”. I know it would have been more work for them, but I feel like this game shouldn’t cheap out on anything, and that little touch would have done wonders for the old school fans of both the anime and games.

Winch 1990 says:

Pokemon aren’t meant to fight, not like this.

Kizzon says:

Oh Pokemon. The most boring, repetitive series that fans lap up again and again…

BroMan55gaming says:

I’m pretty much already sold on this game but I was hoping all the Pokémon would have their cry’s from the TV show

Oneiros says:

It really does look boring. Are there some changes in the catching mechanics throughout the game at least? Like stronger Pokemons would require to be more on point with the timing maybe?
Right now, from the look of it, it seems that once you get the timing right (after 2 or 3 tries), it’s gonna be hard to miss anything.
I feel like even without the battles, there was more than one way to make it more interesting. Why not some QTE to avoid wild Pokemon attacks or something like that? I don’t know, something to spice it up a little bit.

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