Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! – 15 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy

Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! Eevee! might not be the traditional mainline Switch Pokemon RPGs we all have been waiting for – that comes next year – but in spite of all the changes it’s making, it’s looking at the very least like a decent stopgap until Generation 8 finally arrives. Sure, there’s some cause for concern, and many of the decisions being taken by Game Freak here likely won’t sit well with veteran fans of the series, but being able to see Kanto recreated in proper 3D is still an exciting prospect. In this feature, we’re going to look at the fifteen most major talking points from Pokemon Let’s Go. Without further ado, let’s begin.





I dont get likes says:

Yea I’ll stick to the past Verizon’s i got.

James Plus says:

Well a little too late…( I already preordered it.)

Pika-Mickey-Chu says:

8 More Days Until Me And My Asian Soulmate’s Wedding Ceremony In New York City, Pokémon Let’s GO, Pikachu! and Let’s GO, Eevee Will Be Great Wedding Presents For Me And My New Asian Wife On Our Day!

skySPYRO says:

still seems fine

ExHappyFace says:

This is a Yellow remake with a lit of Go’s stuff placed in. Breeding, held items, Abilities were introduced in other generations. I think if Gen2 gets a let’s go it will have breeding and held items but not abilities since that was introduced in gen3.

Also looking at Go itself, held items don’t exist, breeding is just eggs, and abilities also are not implemented. They are sticking more to Go’s machines over the main series. As for legends they are able to be caught without a chance of fleeing after a team works together and takes it down. This is kind of left in tact with defeating the pokemon (or close to it) and then playing the catching game to catch the raid boss or legend.

Cutting Air says:

Dont buy it.

VSpoodle says:

No breeding or abilities or held items in a red/ blue/yellow remake? That’s just crazy talk. Or, yknow, completely reasonable.

Leonardo Farias says:

Before you buuuuuuuy

Khristian King says:

Lol this guy acted like he’s played the game. Give the game a chance, can’t afford to? That sucks lol

sirr sing says:

Idnt kno I think the no battle b4 capture is dumb. I mean even the show u have to weaken the poke pokemon first. Screw the candy to lvl up. I Wana fry sum bug and bird type with my fire type

Jukio says:

Rejected, Rejected, Yeah you just got Rejected! *R-E, J-E, C-T-E-D* Rejected!

TheLuckyboyNL says:

What is better to buy? Eevee or Pikachu edition? Because i really love Pikachu, but Eevee has a lot of evolves… Or does it not work in this game?

MattyPeq says:

I feel sad for 8yo who won’t buy this because they didn’t grow up with this. I was 15 when I started watching the anime (it was 2000) and seeing Ash on that Onix and that Arcanine… actually made me tear up a little. Playing this will feel like coming back home <3

Richard Laursen says:

Hardly saw Jessie and James in the XY anime!

Tupac Shakur says:

Thank god I saved my money I was gonna buy this game but since I watched the video I’ve lost interest in the game itself

VulturePilot says:

Pokémon wouldn’t even be here in 2018 if little kids of about 5-10 hadn’t figured out and persevered through the original gen 1’s higher difficulty and lack of handholding. Dumbing Pokémon down makes zero sense especially in modern day.

Bob Rob says:

I was going to buy this game. This video changed my mind.


In gen 4 remake this should work for contests so this may be not to bad

It’s Smiley says:

Who wants to be Nintendo switch friends I’m buying let’s go eevee

Prince Echo says:

I’m confused, does this game even work on handheld mode? All these videos I seen if this game and I have yet to come across a video of this game being played in handheld mode.

Kevin Poynter says:

I thought I was going to love this.. I’ve been playing Pokemon for 15 years, played every single game plus most of the spin-offs.
But I won’t buy this, it’s a waste of 60 dollars.
This game looks amazing, but no way am I buying it.

Prince Echo says:

Look how cool Onyx look at 1:40. If I ever had a snake as a pet, that’s what I’d name them.

Gurglefluff Mage says:

why are you pronouncing it melton? its pronounced like mel-tan like tanning in the sun

joshua morales says:

Ugh this isn’t Pokémon

Dylan Wilson says:

Jesse and james were in pokemon yellow

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