Pokémon Let’s Go: Every Gameplay Detail Revealed

Our very own Pokémon fanatic Adam Clery is here to tell you everything we know so far about this year’s Pokémon Let’s Go!

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Michael McCarthy says:

I don’t really mind that there are no more wild Pokemon battle I have been playing since the originals. As long as we can keep battling trainers I think that makes up for it but that’s only my opinion I’m sure a few people will hate there being no wild battles but to each there own

Jakob Gåre says:

I, for one, think GameFreak experimenting is purely a good thing. There might be some hit and miss here, but the core franchise has grown stale. Let them experiment, shake up the gameplay, so the franchise becomes truly exciting again.

Thomas Traynor says:

Ew his hair and skin are the same color like Bart Simpson .

jacobsilken says:

Not interested, call when they do it right.

thatSensei Guy says:

No one fucking cares about film theory, if we wanted film theories we would look them up.

dabomb Bolain says:

Pokémon rules

amazinghorse1 says:

This guy is a clown

Janitor says:

Pokémon Garbage coming November pre order now

Teddy says:

Nice intro lol

Michael Klock says:

Uh… that film theory?

Bread stick says:

so they basically removed battling wild pokemon? yeah no thanks im sticking to pokemon x and sun

Mike Winkel says:

How about you also explain its not one of the core games? nintendo has stated that a new core game like sun and moon enctra comes in 2019

Cameron C says:

Adam. We, ALL, love you. Shave your head, change your shirt, come back in a week. Kisses.

Mike G says:

From what I read, you can transfer pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Let’s Go, but not the other way around, which is disappointing.

Torey Reichley says:

i am literally vibrating with excitement yes im gonna be bandwagon trash and buy a switch 😀

Matt Snyder says:

You guys must have made this video days ago this isn’t all the info available. Your second last entry is already all explained.

Marcel Meister says:

its not a remake, its not part of the core series, its basically just pokemon go 2.0 for the switch, it plays in kanto yes, but that is because the games are “inspired” by pokemon yellow, it is NOT a remake like fire red/leaf green for instance

im not a fan of pokemon go myself, but i can see these games work on their own, if i think about not being able to battle wild pokemon to catch them, there are two things that pop into my mind, 1) safari zone and 2) no more trying to get a pokemons hp down just for it to pop out of the ball and then regenerate his hp to full, repeating that shit like 10 times

im just curious if there are still pokemon levels in the game bcos you cant grind wild pokemon without battling them, but maybe trainers can be battled indefinitely, so who cares about wild pokemon battles? you basically just grinded a bit at the start of the game, like get your starter to lvl 16 to evolve before the first gym and after that your pokemon was completely outleveling every trainer in the game from that point on and you most likely just ran away from like 90% of the wild pokemon encounters, people get crazy over nothing here

and if there is actually the option to turn off the go catch mechanics than the games will be fine, it wont be core series-good, but it will be fine

15BigBertha says:

You see them transfer pokemon from Go to Lets Go in the trailer. But will you be able to transfer from Lets Go to pokemon go??

Ladian says:

Am I the only one that found it morally troubling going about crushing wild Pokemon and is therefore happy about the possibility of no more wild Pokemon battles?

ZOD4 says:

that film theory link is not down below. you lied to me, jules.

Lord Tachanka says:

Let’s just hope they don’t add in a Pokémon battle royale….

Grapefruit Simmons says:

Great. More cancer disguised as a game

Kevin Gomez says:

Wtf took you so long to get a Switch!? I LOVE Pokemon but there are so many great games and rereleases/remasters on it.

Double Double says:


lineny the dank meme says:

You should keep Cleary for good here

Craig Jessup says:

Holy shit. Adam has blue eyes!

Dr. Johnny says:

So it’s the same shit with new graphics again?
I’m very disappointed about this.
They really had a opportunity do make something fresh and new and not to reboot that same thing for the 3rd time!

But people are still buying it so why should they put some effort into it, right?

Zeemanhuismerk says:

The upgrade in visuals is neglectible, just the sun/moon engine upscaled. I hope gen 8 has a new one

ImmortalChaos says:

Shut up and take my money Nintendo

Andrew Belcher says:

“you can find the details down below” where?????????????

MoarPower says:

This isnt a classic pokemon game..

TheFluffyNeko says:

Not gonna change the fact that i’m buying a switch specifically for this game and will be spending a very concerning amount of time playing it for someone my age. But anyone else disappointed in the graphics and very scared it’ll turn into as big of a disappointment as pokemon go(if anyone from gamefreak is reading this please get niantic to fix that shit, I really want to enjoy playing it and will pick it back up in a heartbeat if you fix a few things).

Please don’t ruin my memories of special pikachu edition I can’t handle that heartbreak!

Grant Key says:

Only problem with the lets go titles, is that u dont battle wild pokemon

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