Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee – Demo DIRECT FEED Gameplay (Viridian Forest)

We had the chance to play a short demo of Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee! Check out the direct feed gameplay where we explore the Viridian Forest while capturing Pokémon and facing trainers!

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MapleMilk says:

The orchestra is AMAZING.

Onup147 says:

Tho sad to see there no wild battles or breading and the fact Mew is behind a pay wall.(Don’t you Dare deni as you can’t even train Mew from your Pokémon Go Account). I probably aim to collect all the Pokémon I can and have a complete Pokédex. Riding Pokémon will be fun to and apparently it’s easier to get shines. Do hope the post game content is good got to do something after collecting everything.

Jeremiah Optimus says:

Will this Demo Be Downloadable on the Eshop Soon ?

Valerie Bird says:

the music sounds so great ;D

RetroKrazy A says:

This looks so cool, I can’t wait to play it. 🙂 It looks visually stunning, the colours are so vibrant. I love how you can see the wild Pokemon running around in the grass. 🙂 I also thought this was a playable demo & it’s a shame it isn’t, but I remain hopeful that one might happen soon, it would be so cool anyway. 🙂

MattRevs says:

I’ll pass on this one. Hope the dedicated Pokémon game for Switch goes all out.

Brian says:

If pokemon are are visible on field a la Chrono Trigger or later Personas, what use does things like tall grass, surfable water, fishing spots/rods or other traditionally encounter based tile sets do now? Is there still a purpose?

phoebe De Monte Falcon says:

Should I get lets go pikachu or evee?

Eeveelutions! says:


Ricardo Gómez says:

Ya está disponible la demo en la eshop??

ParaChomp says:

Well, the remix of the battle theme is a banger.

Dragoner Productions says:

Will we get a demo in the eshop soon?

RememberBeingBorn says:

We’re probably not getting a public demo, because if we do, it’ll be datamined to fucking oblivion.

Chrome Raichu says:

Killer music! I’m gonna rock out on Colosseum and XD until I get let’s go Eevee.

Wow they added so many different species to Viridian Forest

Super Saiyan Bro says:

*4:29* did anyone notice eevee saying fuck

djChives95 says:

Hmm the more I see the less excited I am. But I’m getting to hold me over until Gen 8 which I’m sure will be amazing

Dylan Mayhew says:

I see no reason why this demo isn’t out for the public.
From what it seems to be is you start in Viridian forest, with a pre made team & just go around & catch a few Pokemon & battle a few trainers in this limited area.
That seems like a perfectly reasonable demo that should be released to the public!

OrestisK says:

I have a feeling that this demo will release on nintendo switch on 16th of October

Chaaaleeeh997 says:

so if we choose let’s go eevee we are automatically girls? fuck that

Branden Jones says:

Every time I see a play-through of this game I think “man this looks good Im getting it day 1.” Then when you enter a wild battle Im like “yeah Ill wait to gen 8.”

Sammi's TM says:

Not gonna get this game tho… well AT LEAST i can say i’m born exactly 11 years before a pokémon game

Kaylart says:

I really want to be able to control your pokemon in battle, like in pokken tournament. We would have so many playstyle with each pokemon.

Sebastian Ochoa says:

Is missing no in this game?

Sushi Boy says:

5:01 that menu looks really nice.

Chicken Turds says:

When will the demo come out in the U.S

colin mcdonnell says:

Can you catch Pokémon without having to use motion control

Peter Christiansen says:

Yeah .. So i for excited everyone else 🙁
They should just give us the demo so we all can try it and not only youtubers 😛

Rodmod says:


Echo fighter for careless wii guy.

Frysa Yudha Swastika says:

Begging for further DLC so we can fight wild pokémon and get another city and next gen pokémon besides Meltan

wowperson26 says:

I love that the Pokémon are visible in the wild. That aspect needs to stay in future versions. It makes the world feel more alive

Cact I says:

Hate the pokemon go battle style

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