Pokemon GO Gameplay – We take on arguably the worlds GREATEST Gym! 😀
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Video uploaded by MoreAliA ( More Ali-A )


Amazmentman09 Gaming says:

I caution a machop wild XD

King Savage says:

I got pikachu to day

PokéFan 69 says:

It looks like he has more fans in Iceland than he has in England

Lewis Biddle says:

he’s had loads of squirtles but like no charmanders

Kingstone Mohetuki says:

and a machoke

god of gaming 99 says:

like for team mystic

Angel Roman says:

alia u mmmmmmmmm are the legendary birds out can we catch them

Kate Collison says:

2:07 look at Ali a’s face

Sk. Monirul Islam says:

Now you are f@#%king too much!

Jaxon Jones says:

The background in the beggining

Randomrainbox 2020 says:

M8 I caught a wild pidgeot and found a wild hypno 🙁 crashed

Kingstone Mohetuki says:

I got a magmar and a valporeon

toadthefungi64 says:

Your so damn lucky to get a chansey, I STILL don’t have one!!

Giovani Moran says:

some body has a dido


Why does he want a MAGMAR!?

K9 Gaming says:

You are so cool and please play Pokemon sun and moon

Triexxx says:

When he’s on the bus u just see Toby rom sidemen behind him

Samuel07x Gaming says:

why are you so exited about a Squirtle?

TIGERS #21 says:

When they were on the train did anyone else see that one of the Sidemen was making funny faces in the corner of the video

Diamond KAS says:

my friend is 10 levels lower than you and he has midpoint

Janet Maycenic says:

I love your chanel

Danial Ferdinandsen says:

Krabby aila

Jaxon Jones says:

I’m wondering tf the song is

Mayra Martinez says:

Toby was in the backround in the sidemen like if sidemen fan

Top bins Pro says:

Team blue

Joonoh says:

i thought chancey was trash so i transferred it… facepalm

Ronaldo and Messi says:

Tobyjzl in back round

John OSullivan says:

Team mystic is the best team ever

schlafreise says:

You can’t even go to one of the most desolate, barren and coldest European countries in the world, without seeing third world parasites.

Lewis Biddle says:

yeah that’s why he’s doing it daily and has done like 98 Eps

Rodrilz says:

Why is Manny in the video.WTF

Dom Inglr says:

you are the best pokemon go player ever

jeff goble says:

they should play with Popularmmos

Danjee E says:

The guy in the background is from sdmn

Malik Pesnani says:

Pause at 4:48

Paul Sainsbury says:

#photobomberonthebus lol hahahahaha xD

iFrostyxx says:

He is above level 20. His crabby is only 400cp and it is at max and I am level 17 and I have a crabby that is 3/4 of the bar at 523cp. Doesn’t make sense

Thomas Wolfe says:

I have a Mega steelix on pokémon go

SkipPlayz says:

Just arrived at the blue lagoon 😛

dark llord says:

those TVs were awesome

FaZe SnIpEr says:

a wild Tobi appears

dark llord says:

team yello ruels

dark llord says:

EvEE is so cute it luck’s lick the real pockemon EvEE

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