Pokemon GO | WILD VENUSAUR + MACHAMP & GENGAR!! Catching Rare Pokemon Spree!! EPIC RARE CATCHES!

Pokémon GO Wild Venusaur Gameplay! Pokémon GO Catching Venusaur, Machamp, Gengar & More!
Pokémon GO Rare Pokemon & High Level Gameplay!
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Vicky Li says:

I got gengar When I was coming home from shopping!! Lvl 1253!!!!!

JC Boulon says:

I caught gengar cp 1437

David E says:

You have ultra ball great ball venusaur

Eduardo Muro says:

Around my house I have caught ninetails nidoqueen clefable jolteon arcanine gengar ryhdon hypno snorlax machamp and golem

Alfie Gregory says:

Dude I caught a 999 scyther

Jack Dodson says:

my dad got a 344 chansey

JC Boulon says:

lol venasaor ran from u , he deserved that no matter what cp that venasaor was he should have used ultra balls lol

Monte Martin jr says:

it was your fault you did not ultra ball

Kannon Davis says:

my phone lags like that to all the time

Ruda Psota says:

where is he ??

BT2 2004 says:

were do u play pokemon go

Xert441 - Pixelmon Channel says:

guys where is this park

BreadStickers says:

Ummm Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur and Ivysaur evolves into Venusaur haha. Its gonna take a long time to get a venusaur unless you find one in the wild

GamingWithAiden says:

ya you seen a wild machamp along time ago

KibbleSnake says:

I have 7 gengars

Brodie Ryan says:

dude guess what a venasaur spawned in my house i got it with a pokeball because i was a low level

Kike Rodriguez says:

Did any one notice the cloyster in 14:26

Tyson hogan says:


Nina games says:

i already catched 3 wild cloyster it isnt rare!!

Henrique Osta says:

Tinha que ter mandado ultra. Ball no venossauro

sahar gaming says:

yea why with great ball and not oltra ball and nidoqueen

Monni says:

i know, this is old vid, but WHY HELL YOU DIDN’T USE ULTRA BALL TO VENUSAUR?!?!?!???!

usangel88 says:

I totaly despite u,u drive me crazy nuts out of my freakin head

Krazy Kidda says:

That moment when you realise how many rare Pokemon you didn’t bother with, koffing and grimer are pretty common where I live


Where no to chose utro ball you can catch

Aleks Krasnicki says:

U should of used the ultra ball for venusaur

Cameron Brown says:

I’m 7 and my favorite pokemon is gegar

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