Pokemon Go – Trading Gameplay

We trade a Goldeen for an Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go.

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Jeremiah says:

People still play this? There i gave u the comment some of u wanted to see so badly

sparsh gamer games says:

3214 9447 3116 here my player code please add me as freind (i m american

Sasha Nawaz says:

Do people still exist ?

byakuya 42 says:

we need pvp battles

Steven R. says:

Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 6420 2299 4931!

Bruce Wayne says:

4640 2585 9363 Trainer Code

Roopa Singh says:

I like it it is best update fantastic

Chem Hung says:

welcome to 2016

Deuceman 2022 says:

People still play this game wtf?

Word Life says:

My friend code is 6699 7207 8176

SpeedHomeAttack says:

Here come all the people breathing


Welcome to the comment section, here you will find-

1% people still play this game?
9% talking about the new update
10% people opposing the ones who say “ppl still play this game?”
80% here comes the people who comment “people still play this game? Comments” comments!

natdog690 says:

Pokémon Go trainer code
7928 6038 0681

lauri_five says:

9672 4881 9082 is my code

Scarecrow : says:

4113 4955 5358
my friend code on go

mcrfob2007 says:

Mine is 112451982190

Tiger856 says:

only like a year too late ;/

Shubham Benani says:

I wanna trade shiny garadose for $30 anyone interested?

Ronin /Daito says:

This game… it’s too late.

Thunderrunner03 says:

The game is dead now if they actually were smart about this game they would of done this when it first came out

jomppe 200 says:

Why i can’t login with my Google account to pokemon go and i want to login with google because my all pokemons and all the things are there

T0m My says:

Can we get a mod to delete all the comments of the people that don’t play as the people that still do will look at these comments and leave back to gamexplain. step up mod and clean this up

Rob Buchan says:

2 years later

Grim Matchstick says:

Here come all the “do people still play this?” people

Fake MLG says:

Level 30 and above…. *sigh*… Uhh soo what are wr casuals supposed to do

RedEnderChest says:

9317 3216 8429 is my code. add me

Candace Munguia says:

Lol I. got a pokemon let’s go pikachu and eevee ad

Dylan Salinas says:


Luke Skytalker says:

40k hahahah thats little af

Dennis Ctr says:

too late for this guys

Silas Bach says:

Hey guys my Trainer code is 1407 0507 5786 would preshade Dome eines requests

Jose Martinez says:

I have regional pokemons to give away, add me 0794 5928 0120 all trading will be done at pier 39

PokemonEmo Gamer says:

The whole trading is bullshit like honestly your telling me I’m not gonna get the pokemon I’m asking from a friend right away if we don’t have enough freindship??? Plus I’m pretty pissed off that I traded my blissey to my brother to get better iv results and turns out I couldn’t get it back I hope I can get it back tommro if not the trading will be bullshit.

blazeman381 says:

Add me! 🙂 0253 6756 6467

Nakeia Boyd says:

Add us!!
Dallas, TX USA
1413 1281 2291
0944 7524 4587
5843 7144 0455
4450 1854 3916
We send GIFTS!!!

Rocker LAST says:

This game is dead……..

Asfand Yar says:

2348 1302 4603
Add me please

Al b. says:

Level fuckin 40 tho -_- smfh

Paul Davis says:

Those people saying “2 years to late” ya it’s too late for u since u easily gave up on the game lol

Feco2plasma says:

Here come the people that type “ here come the people that type ‘here come the people who type ‘people still play this game’ in the comment section

Salomon Tibi says:

6433 9219 3354

Omar Shahaltough says:

Here comes the people who say: “here comes the people who say:
Here comes the people who say:
Here comes the people who say:
Wow Do people still play this?”

callum tonner says:

3553 6142 9877 add me on pokemon go

Liga Española de fútbol says:

Ppl still play this?

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