Pokemon GO Gameplay Ep 11 – SCARY POKEMON HUNT! 😀
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joshua poynter says:

Living that pokelife

Danilo Cortellan says:


pigmund froyd says:

caught 4 GENGARS in one day

toadthefungi64 says:

Night time Pokémon go hunts are the best

The g ster Gstet says:

A sneasel

Jamie Lovwjoy says:

my budy is magicarp I still do not have the evolution

Bailey reed says:

you need to evolve a gastly into haunter and then evolve haunter into gengah

Dante DeLuca says:

I have 3 gengar

Bilal Saad says:


Antonio Reyes says:

i have a gengar

ObyDaGamer says:

I have a weezing

Ching Ling Chew says:

i havent got a gengar

Alex Samaroo says:

*wait team instic or instic*

Dbait says:

A gengar just ran away from me right after I evolved my growlithe… Life is great isn’t it -.-

shannon louise Cook says:

Your the best

JadenPlayz115 says:

I hate it when..
1. people cant speel
6.cant count
9.ask for likes
like if you agree

Cristina Mayorga says:

I wish I can meet you

Mughees Kiyani says:

If you want the incense or the lucky egg for a long time you go into the settings go to date and time click time and change the time for example if The time is 3:09 change the time to 2:54

chase Armstrong says:

already have one

Black Panther Ethan says:

i got a gengar on haloween day and it was throughout the day at alton towers

Sameer Zubair says:

22 legendary pokemon on pokemon go.

Stardust 424 says:

7:48 when all you need is one Caterpie to evolve it into a Butterfree ;;

charlotte vreys says:

OMG thought there stood people with masks xD !

Tre Gamer says:

I like torches better

The KittenJustic says:

Hi if you read this comment your the 1% that respects the comment section.

JAMY Jam vlogs says:

My house is a gastly spawned 🙂

Ethan Hartley says:

I play pokemon camp and I have gendgar ali and it is mega

Steve Borgstrom says:

Hi I love your videos. Do you have a Victreebell caught in the wild ?

fanta man115 says:

i am not being stupid but do you wear lipstick in your videos

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