Pokemon Go: Raid Battle Gameplay and Boss Capture

Watch us complete a Raid Battle and successfully capture the Raid Boss. We use a Golden Razz Berry and Premier Ball, two new items in Pokemon Go!

For more on the Pokemon Go update, check out IGN’s wiki @ http://www.ign.com/wikis/pokemon-go

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Gael Vargas says:

I just took out my first raid battle n it was all by my self,,, hope other ppl can still get the prices,

Gavin Suwara says:

This person playing can’t throw lol

Last First says:

when will battling ever be more like an rpg and less like a mini game?

GangBlud says:

“People still playing Pokemon Go

CronosGolden says:

battle starts at 2:33
IGN get your editing together damn.

Ignacio Ramos says:

IGN, Y’all should hire me to do this Pokémon Go videos, whoever this was couldn’t even lock on the Pokémon let alone curve the ball !! Lol

PewSpy Fox says:

wait if a raid battle has a dragonnite I can catch it yay

AFollowerOfCanti says:


dangzard says:

you played GO because everyone else did
you didn’t play because it’s fun.
you played because all of your friends did.
game is trash

Don Townsend says:

That Pokemon throwing was shocking

N14 says:

Nice try but we are not going back playing Pokemon Go. Huge disappointment.

Joel Travis says:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen worse throws than those when trying to catch Alakazam.

denis k. says:

they should update the battle mechanic. But i am happy to see a big update

lolly edward says:

im still playing pokémon go till this day!!!! and im not gonna lie its still fun!!

welcha83 says:

How did you get to lvl31 throwing like that??

Chiński Renifer Terminatora says:

beacuse everybody has lvl 35 , right Niantic?… RIGHT!?

Cordyceps says:

Jesus learn how to throw a ball.

Volting Master says:

I wish more people in my area could give me help.

TheBuckSleezy says:

tapping! such an intuitive and fun battle system!

jay masterflash says:

How do you get so many stardust? I wish I had that much.

Noble Knight's Channel says:

What level do you have to be to do raid battles?

NeverBeBored08 says:

“Pokemon Go to the polls”

Mystic Luxray says:

I freaking woke up and waited at a gym when the raid appeared and when it started no one was there… literally did like 1/8 of that lapras’s health

gloomyteens says:

how did this game flop so hard after 1 week

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