Pokémon GO PvP Exclusive Look Video

This video was uploaded by Pokémon France
link – https://www.facebook.com/PokemonFrance/videos/621495028268953/


420illoin says:

Well it about time! I can’t wait to vs players if there’s any in Australia that is. T-T

Simeon R. says:

Awesome! Can’t wait too see where they’ll take this PVP System. Maybe AR Battling and More Sound Effects for Example.

Charles boy says:

Fuck yea. Fuck anyone who’s not hyped for this and plays pogo

Bilhan BEL says:

0552 3171 6076 West palm beach, FL ~ I like to play everyday

shinyeon23 says:

How did you get this

Brian A. says:

Waited 2 years for this??

Green Boy says:

To be the very best like no one ever was beat the powerful trainers and train powerful Pokemon

Promin Stark says:

So cool

ArtQ collect says:


leapyleaf says:

0:51 jeez that animation looks so stiff

jason black1 says:

Im only wanna use pikachu surf :v

joshcc993 says:

Is it really just who can tap the fastest, like the raids ???

Looks lame

Pokémon gamer says:

When is coming?

Ein wildes Heiteira says:

Are you allowed to post this??

vip gaming says:

Is this update global???

1M Suscribers without Anyvedio lets dothis says:


Green Boy says:

When is Smeargle releasing ???

Chimp Champ says:

This just looks dumb

Sunriser says:

i hope they add status moves and other non-direct damage moves like stealth rock

TheRedLuigi says:

It’s still a tap fest though…

Green Boy says:

When is PVP releasing ??????

Alberto Guerra says:

Its still not impressing…

Moien Rezai says:


Rodrigo Bariani says:

The special atack is so strong.

Niscada 3380 says:

Cool, but have you subscribed to pewdiepie yet?

Johnell Giusti says:

I have a bad feeling about this

Kaweaj Gamer tv says:

Wow is hack???

키키킼 says:

When does it realease in korea

Gearmo says:

This is moment when pokemon in pokemon go have actual purpose

PyroTeeBeen100 says:

Looks stupid

Technical Mayank says:

wow nice video bro I am very excited

sachin borges says:

Wat are the rewards after winning a PvP match

Константин БУНД!!! says:


Joseph Scardetta says:

Looks intense.

zamek128 says:

Why don’t they dodge? Can we dodge in pvp?

Dan Love Monika says:


Natsuki says:

1641 7116 6095 gifts daily

Dig v-jai says:


the serhulya says:


Jon Tec says:

Good video.

AlliroG98 says:

No new music?

מקס הורדת מישחקים לאנדרואיד says:

Looks cool

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