Pokemon GO “PLUS” – WHAT DOES IT DO!? (Unboxing, Gameplay + Review)

Pokemon GO “PLUS” Unboxing + Review – WHAT DOES IT DO!?
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Qamer Qureshi says:

Hey the 1 percent who will see this I started a YouTube channel yqgamer I made not that good but later I will make them better

daryl dixon says:

got to catch dah peek ah choo lolz  got my go plus today  I been watching this channel forever n_n so I looked for  alia’s  how to first XD

Floro Batin says:

I saw Clare’s Pokemon Go Plus turn green

Pierre A. Russell says:

I Just Gotten My Pok’eMon Go Plus Today At GameStop

J212 says:

no way you live near me! Ascot crew hype!

William Hudson says:

Do you need to have your phone wth you?

CHEZ Cheez says:

So what if I want the Poke go plus just for getting pokestops and hatching eggs. Can i just ignore taking the risk to try and catch the pokemon and catch it with my phone?

Ricks Eves says:


Knightowl 123 says:

this thing cost 240$

Bazuzeus says:

26 min where 3 would have been more than enough…

Gabriel Nelson says:

can it work without wifi?

Awkward says:

Where do you get the Pokémon GO plus?

Barb says:

I watch your video win you catch Ditto

Pierre A. Russell says:

I Just Gotten My Pok’eMon Go Plus Today

Vlogs and theories With max says:

Ali your YouTube vids are amazing

more dodkd says:

Can you do gym battles

Moises Escalante says:

where did you get it

Drew Gaming says:

If you just use the wrist band, does it chew data?

christopher toner says:

Th channel name More…

S Richards says:

Does it require for you to have Wi-fi on your phone?

dave bum says:

find rich

vsdbdhgdgdndgddgdnftghdgfhdgdhrichum, ngfmknjfmfjmnfgug, gb

TimmyTechTV says:

Thanks for the review Ali!

Pierre A. Russell says:

The Last One Today

Emily Inman says:

can anyone tell me if the pokemon go plus device uses cellular data?

OG gamer dude says:

the pokemon go plus should have when you can battle and check eggs

Eric Lancaster says:

Also do not forget when the light is yellow it is a new pokemon you don’t have in your list.

Pixel Pac-o says:

its like the poke walker from heart gold and soul silver

PokeCardsCollect 765897 says:


Dina Majoja says:

I subscribed

Megan Jackson says:

were is claire

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