Pokemon GO Plus Unboxing and Review (GO+ Gameplay)

Let me know if y’all have any more questions about the GO Plus!
● DOUBLE DRAGONITE EVOLVE!: https://youtu.be/8R1ECwUAf70
● Crying over Eggs in PoGo: https://youtu.be/CvsIphaIEqA

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Johnny Balbuena says:

This is just a lazy way to catch pokemon lol

luis m says:

awesome video I’ll be getting one soon this will work so good at kissimmee lake front park !!!! do you know who has in stock ?

Rasdheed Horne says:

who is still even playing pokemon

Hi there says:

I hate people who want likes

Like if you agree

TTPExclusive says:

“Jocks hanging out with Nerds” That’s definitely a positive way to describe it…

Macarius Chong says:

Dude dude #valor 100%

Andrew Wood says:

“I don’t think I need the operations manual I’ve already done enough research. *5 mins later* Guys.. Kinda stuck on what to do here lol


it says “owner: Trevor Martin” on the box..

Zuzujo says:

where u buy it? 🙂

George lugg says:

What you could do is only take your phone out when there’s a Pokemon. Then you can catch more Pokemon more accurately. Still pretty useful how you can spin pokestops though

Bob Stone says:

Get free mewtwo watch my video and subscribe

gamemaster8814 says:

I wasn’t aware that people still play this game

ShadowLB _ says:

by me it doesnt works when phone is off and it gets red after some time!!! EDIT: energy mode!! it works <3 so great

CptXkiller300 says:

Got a question before buying the Pokémon go plus what if you leave you phone at home and have the plus you while walking will it still count

DefendTheDen says:

I need this

Mythic dorito says:

Does the bracelet use your data?

subash tamang says:

Head over HERE To Get Fr33 PokeCOINS and POKEBALLS.

Trifecta Kush says:

does it track while driving?

Southern Illinois Outdoorsman says:

will it vibrate if the egg hatched

Andy Bolanos says:

If I don’t have data on my phone but I have WiFi,can I catch pokemon outside of my internet range

ポケモン says:

OMG! Are you who was borading MLB the game?

Duncan Irvine says:

You are not really playing the game with this device just press a button and you may get a pokemon or not where is the interaction with the game there isn’t any quite boring if you ask me.

ItsCaskey 408 says:

Kinda Pointless device if the game could already do the same thing.

The_ Noob_ says:


Jørgen Meedom Staun says:

Love it!! <3

Beverly Mraz says:


LifesGood says:

am i the only one that thinks this video was sponsered like honestly

Kim Gangsan says:

Great review man , helped alot

kemauri conchola says:


Lilian Vu says:

Do u need wifi?

Callum360 says:

Legend has it that TmarTn will reply if you are early!

Mario Fazari says:

Y u using an android

Mark says:

Does your phone have to be on while your doing this!?

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