Pokemon GO Part 2 – A Rare Pokemon?! Gameplay Walkthrough

Pokemon GO Part 2 – A Rare Pokemon?! Gameplay Walkthrough
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Pokemon GO Part 1 – I Choose You! Gameplay Walkthrough


Lewis Fearon says:

What’s with the white background I though you was outside

Omarito Abdi says:


Light ning says:

There was a legendary Pokémon at the start of the video right bottom wish u got it

i wish i could fly says:

join insenct

Ludi Manalo says:

A wild psyduck appeared

Justin 0905 says:

Wanna trade houses? I’ve never seen a dratini yet.

Megan Toms says:

voltsy i love your pokemon sun vids let’s trade you are my favourite youtuber plz do more vids on your youtube channel love you.

Cindyrella says:

Nice ep ,a freaking draganite right next to my house

Aqua blue Paws :D says:

I’m going to go to the poke stop in the Alisa house (everyone is allowed in it the neighbors don’t really care) and I’m going to encounter a wild Pokemon and it’s Pikachu before I go to the stop

Connor GamerTV says:


Peagle says:

Nice amount of views voltsy 😀

Abbeshka Beeshka says:

do you watch fairy tail igneel nice

JOSE Capdevila says:


Jamison Husbands says:


Nuke says:

I have been in that area

Kate Grainger says:

Voltsy do you like pokemon.

basscat says:

I found a Dratini, and somehow had no luck catching it.
And the funny part is
I didnt even know it was rare

Annette Nunez says:

What kind of phone do u have herovoltsy

Ashwath ABD says:

My number 7338159289

Unraveled says:

i am about to play to

jack quinn says:

Good keep this up

prince molina says:

Gonna catch them all,Hahahaha! he really catch them all.

Pili John Matthew says:

I found an charizard in KFC!!!!!!!!

dsl cat channel says:

can you say me how to download Pokemon go

Anmol Gurung says:

u are noober than me

BlakePlays Roblox says:

I love this game but my mum won’t let me

Derek Boye-Okit says:

Ducklet. lol

IaMThe One says:

I found pikachu in Minecon in Barcelona Spain!! It was beside Stampy!!

Anna Austin says:

I have dragonire and I have ralts

Saturnati Lyrical says:

My first pokemon was Mr Mime

Gaming with Biraj Styles says:

i am pokemon fan

GooseyJuice says:

is the soundtrack copyrighted for pokemon go?

Pipboy 3000 says:

Dratini can evolve into the best pokemon ever

Imroza Afrin says:


Eva Kroustallis says:

2:06 make a wish it’s 11:11

Lucas Gamer says:

faz video longo

Annette Nunez says:

What kind of phone do u have herovoltsy

Fnaf boss big fat freddy that's twisted Studios says:

Wat was that big pokemon on his nearby list?

Light ning says:

Ooo dang u got a other legendary that’s better dang ur lucky

Satwiki Saket says:

When I walk the character does not walk what is the problem

Kate Grainger says:

Pokemon got a catch em all pokemon I now its my destiny pokemon yea you’re my best friend in a world we must defend pokemon got a catch em all allowed all POKEMON!

Annette Nunez says:

What kind of phone do u have herovoltsy

Manish Chauhan says:

walk kasa kartha h

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