Pokemon Let’s Go Pokemon GO integration is insane! MASSIVE rewards for Pokemon Go Players that engage with Pokemon GO Park.

Pokemon GO Park / Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCWPtjawtSs
Pokemon GO CP to Pokemon Let’s Go CP changes https://nintendoeverything.com/pokemon-lets-go-pikachu-eevee-director-on-the-graphics-major-changes-go-mechanics-more/3/
Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fzh99yoNOXI
Pokemon Let’s Go Candy / Pokemon Go Park https://pokemonletsgo.pokemon.com/en-us/pokemon-go/
Pokemon GO Max CP / Pokemon GO Stats https://www.serebii.net/pokemongo/pokemon/149.shtml
Pokemon Go News https://www.pokemongo.com/en-us/
Pokemon Let’s Go News https://pokemonletsgo.pokemon.com/en-us/

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—Epic Pokemon Videos—
Let’s Play Pokemon: Let’s GO, Popplio! (Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Locke) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap69jdFkjbE

NURSE JOY CATCHES LATIAS?! Legendary Pokemon Trainers in the Pokemon Anime Episodes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGBoPwmhrrE

Pokemon Tournament Official ALLOWS HACKING! “Pokemon Are Just 1s and 0s” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENo7BTrdGUk

HOW EXPERIENCE WORKS In Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! (Pokemon Let’s Go Gameplay Demo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1bP9VRj0Cw

TOP 10 BEST POKEMON QUEST TIPS AND TRICKS! (Pokemon Quest Mobile Launch) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXkfFj__gMI

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Nicholas Pappadakis says:

Who the fucks owns a switch but not a smartphone????

TillieTV says:

Can you play Pokémon let’s go on the handle held version of the switch

Kriztoff Rubio says:

If you have never played PGo how do you expect to provide good information

etay markman says:

speaking of Dragonite, can you give it an LGPLGE analysis?

he loses the multiscale and all the useful items like lum berry, weakness policy and flyinium Z, ouch

but we lose all pokemon that shut down Dnite and make it difficult to get a sweep with it in the OU meta like landorus T, greninja, celesteela, mega sableye and magearna, hooray

also zard x won’t hit harder than dnite with 4 less attack because he loses tough claws and zygarde is not around.


Holy Miltank, you just started Pokémon go. Friend me already, I’ll send you Kangaskhan 7k eggs. I’m from Australia. Copy and paste my friend code.

Yotam says:

1:00 tf you mean you didnt own a smartphone who tf has a switch but not a smartphone these days

Lolsksn SJSU’s I. says:

Actually I though they said it was not a canon game??

Charles Foster Offdensen says:

Pokemon Go has a funky leveling system that it uses. 40 is the max trainer level in Go and you can only level pokemon up to your trainer’s level. There’s also a way to calculate its exact level.

Also, you haven’t had a smartphone until a few months ago? H-how? How is that even possible?

Fazle Arik says:

Can we transfer pokemon from ultra moon to let go pls reply

Katoof says:

this is epic

GhostyGengar says:

So…… What
I don’t understand this in the slightest. can someone give me a simple rundown on this.

Dandry says:

Wtf you never owned a smart phone ? What is wrong with you , your like 12

Kross Theriot says:

IVs are going to be rerolled just as they are trading in POGO

Ombix says:

How will we get good iv Pokémon ?

Josh Lang says:

25 Mewtwos ready to go

Joshua Blitzer says:

I don’t go or live anywhere with pokestops

mohit123 surkar123 says:

liked it

Andrew-Lee Martin says:

Lol this game is everything else but competetive. This whole Link between Go and lets go ruins the game.

The advantages given to go players is Stupid. Also what is the point of a long time player of Go to play lets go? You cannot even battle wild Pokemon. You just have to catch all day long as in Go. And ALL Pokemon get exp. Omg.

It is a COMPLETE skillfree game. Amazing… at the beginning I had been hyped about the game and actually bought a switch now. But damn, it’s more and more even getting boring.

Should better have made a first person action jump’n’run game with an open world sandbox and tons of fights. To actually give it a new gaming experience. They could have added thinga from pokemon snap, ao you have to find rare pokemon and take fotos of them doing something particular. Or introduce the poke farm where you could raise pokemon by doing minigames. Introduce the pokecasino where players could gamble in-game for nice things.

Why not have a home with a huge area connected to it that can be edited and decorated, so your pokemon have a good time and maybe get slowly exp while your on expedition with a team of 6 that can battle. With this there also would be the base building many players love…

And this could open the way for tower defence mechanics cos you have to defend ur home from team rocket or wild Pokemon and other players.

But now we have a better looking DS gaming without competition and the only aim is to do the same crappy stuff over and over again so you did it more often than ur opponent.

Totally disappointed…

And I am a guy playing pokemon Go from the release until now.

Luis Flores says:

Lol, I had a 34cp Dragonite ^-^

Doki Kun says:

How do you not have a smartphone in 2018? I thought they stopped selling non-smartphones?

RocketTwurpSLR says:

I agree It is not mandatory to play go in order to play letgo or vice versa you realy do what you want, thier decision but definately if people loved go, i was one of thise pokemon go tubers id do let’s go stuff. thier gonna like pokemon lets go and also it will be a good introductary to those go players that never played a main pokemon game before.
Not saying you have to like pokemon go or play it to just like or play lets go. Im not too big of a fan of it but im all for pokemon and lets go like you verlis.
Nice to see you having a good time with it, i bet the go plus is much much better.
Im not realy in to mobiles lol i have one just have no confidence or realy anyone to phone, and im not realy out anywhere to realy play go, and the data stuff, and im not fond of distractions while walking lol. weird though i only use my ipod as a mobile device, when i am out i dont realy care about the internet but i just love listening to music instead.

My brother plays go more then i do so ill nick the pokemon off his lmao, i probably was more into phones like 12 years ago. Never realy been the social one, as much as i would of like lol my self confidence has always been bad.

But yeah, its just i feel lets go players will realy benefit from lets go. But also those people who are complaining about lets go, like even though they say they are not getting it and waiting for 2019, well i just feel that a game worth to fill the gap once we wait till 2019, and tbh i think thats realy fair to tie us over till we get lets go :3 thats what i dont get why people are complaining about it, worth the gap,

It does make sence that the max cp transfered from go will cap on lv 40. I kinda always thought the cp is somewhat based on total exp. Points idk lol, maybe you can work out the cp from it being lv 40.
Just keep in mind max cp is lv 40, it is quite nice it be on appox. The level your normally on when you get to fuchsia lol, so you csn have your prized go pokemon on your team. Does that mean dittonut will be on lv 40 i gather or lower lmao

The pokemon candy, hmm i did think it could do with ivs, but i rekon maybe its like pikachu bait or something like how sweet scent works, then yiu get 25 of the ev stat. Is that what yiu neant or something simukar, that would be a cool idea.
Imagine that, yiu coukd get a shiny in no time.

But yh playing pokemon go will reward you in pokemon go in no time so, you can be the best like no one ever was. To catch them is the real test to train em is my cause.

I should think pokemon go players should be the most positive about pokemon go. They probably do feel like a pokemon trainer. :3

Kriztoff Rubio says:

Neta que pendejo

Mark Guyton says:

Glad to know that you don’t need GO to fully enjoy Let’s GO.

Also lol to the Lv.40 Dragonite 😉

Bleep Bloop says:

Boy u love sucking this games dick don’t you

DaddyTyphlosion says:

I feel sorry for people who stopped playing Pokémon go, and only picked it up just for let’s go, you all missed out on a lot

TeamSkullGrunt Luck says:

Doesn’t have smart phone. Has Nintendo switch with pokemon let’s go pikachu or let’s go eevee

wang ray says:

I am gonna save all my Mewtwo and build a Mewtwo Park;)

King Slade says:

So do people even know when you will be able to unlock the poke park

Dashie the Wolf says:

“If you have 25 spare Charmander.” Suuurrrrrreeee

Also what’s your trainer code for pokemon go?

Ian EN says:

Why does this guy keep popping up in my recommendations, I’m NOT wasting $60 on a Pokémon go expansion and nothing you say will change my mind

Blaine Lawrence says:

Ok now I’m kinda hyped for this. Seems like a brand new competitive scene that ANYONE can do, and EVERYONE has to start from scratch. I just hope they take hacking serious with this game. The fact that 50% of teams I play against on the battle spot in ultra moon are generated on a computer, makes playing, training, and battling with shinys I’ve caught, or anything slightly less than perfect, like a brave vs. Adamant nature on landorus, which you know, is legendary, and yet somehow is allowed in the meta, means I can’t use mine I caught. So why even battle lol.

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