Pokemon GO: NEW CHANGES TO MOVES & TRACKING | Pokemon GO Gameplay | Pokemon GO Adventure #7

Hey guys, in today’s video I take a look at the most recent changes to Pokemon GO. Niantic has made changes to the way tracking works, many balance modifications to the moves in the game, and significant changes to the spawn rates and location of certain families. I also discuss a fair amount of strategy and showcase some battle in today’s episode.

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vZEskimo says:

Why are all the videos unlisted?

Ocean says:

And as soon as it had awoken, the Hengest personal channel returns to its yearly 6 month hibernation. 🙁

alexfithero says:

Got oddish and charmander In a egg so pumped

Jefferson Andrade says:

Where are you man? Anybody knows about hengest?

Arturo Magdaleno says:

Make WOW videos!!! :.(

Matthew Cameron says:

Hengest I have really enjoyed watching your Pokemon GO videos since the game came out… but it’s been 3 weeks! Where’d you go?! 🙁

lalometalik says:

Awesome video, great topic. I agree with your outlook on the game as a whole, what’s the rush? Thanks for opening up to your viewers and sharing. Hell, I even agree with people being too god damned noisy, #fuckthatnoise

Verane Peiris says:

When are you going to post another video?

freezingmadness says:

i take it this serie is over?

Jacksxnn says:

Did you die!?!?

Diego Rojas says:

Hengest, how do you check you Pokemon’s IV??

Naughtysauce says:

Are you still playing this game?

Dag Rune Petersen says:

No more vids?

Releaserunner says:

what will be the next game coming soon for him to cover?:)

Ping. says:

Really looking forward to some new content from you as there is no one else who can provide this kind of quality on YouTube, keep up the good work. 😀

Leo Acosta says:

Where are u??? 🙁

Fr0zenFire says:

why no videos?

Fuzzymoon Beam says:

What level are you? I’m lvl 24 and I have never even seen a 10km egg and that’s BS.

djdemons says:

cool video, new trainer here learned alot.

Cheese Lord says:

Aw man I miss the pogo vids

KneeDeepScience says:

Hey, you changed your videos to private now!

Daniel Noble says:

I hatched a Chansey yesterday lol my reaction was very similar

Manian ' says:

no new uploads? fellsbadman :'(

Ewan Hale says:


Ben Bard says:

Love your vids man! go team mystic!

KneeDeepScience says:

Where are the uploads bro? Haven’t posted.

Artur F says:

hi hengest, i love ur vids. go on! i have a question how do u check ur iv?

Voltz league says:

Hengest has vanished into the abbys again 🙁

theSCREAMingDEAD says:

9:21 the 1hp thing was a bug which is fixed now 🙂

IKnomadI says:

love these videos but im hoping you bring something back and that thing is director dare! only the old schoolers will remember this one

NyanMat says:

Hey Hengest, why did you stop to make videos about PoGo? Do you think the game is not worth playing? I really enjoy your individual content and I hope to see something in the future. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Have a good one.

Purple guy123442 says:

I love you Pokemon vids

BelgianGurista says:

When is the next vid coming? grts

Moses Dell says:

i mis you hengest

Braders94 says:

Im still waiting for the next battlegrounds tactics 🙁

Albinototodile 111 says:

Hengest what’s up there was another update u should make a vid on it

Onion Hater says:

What kind of backpack do you have, Hengest?

Kma says:

is hengest still alive?

Jacksxnn says:

It has been 6 days. WTF

guip1408 says:

Actualy, lvl 30 isn’t the cp cap, you can keep upgrading 2 times each level from 30-40. Like the others.

KneeDeepScience says:

Upload New Video!

Daniel Herrera says:

hengest! where are you, I’m just staring to playing go and your vids are so good, it’s how I like to play pokemon, go out and have fun!. hope the series come back soon 😀

Didiacca says:

What happened to Hengest?

Ahmed Salah says:

There you go hengest, upload content on a game, then get bored of that game, dont upload and atleast update us then a new, fantastic game that you love pops up, upload content for that and the cicle continues. You keep being classy, jengles. We’re still waiting….

Geckomander says:

Climax at 9:40

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