Pokemon Go – Lucky Pokemon Trade Gameplay

We trade two Pokemon from 2016 and receive some Lucky Pokemon in return.

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darkkartist says:

I mean its a shame to the cannon pokemon games

LF Drumming says:

Game this play still people?

Vivd Gaming says:

This game is dead as dead games can be

Stephen Zen Let's Play says:

nice video.

Game'n Allday says:


Christopher Deppe says:

Hi guys, i need some friends for exchange gifts.
Greetings from Germany

5505 8955 8370

Emil Thern says:

Wtf who still play pokemon go lol?

faze gaming says:

I have a laprus I hatched mine from a egg and I dont know how to spell the pokemons name right lol

Joa Landeo says:

Código 063213062537

Granizia Wib wob says:

Nice video

Oliver Berja says:

Pokemon go f yourself

XDevil says:

8380 4256 9550

inner soul678 says:

Xbox is dead!

結晶月の says:

This is actually a catchy version of the song.

xxxiii xxxiii says:


BlueTJ says:


Javier1up says:

This is a waste of stardust and my time I would of trade.

Thu Ya Win says:

The Pokémon names are Baby and Test?

Ayden McGee says:

This still play people?

Javier1up says:

For a million time who plays Pokémon Go in 2018 no one period.

thipan15 says:

For those wondering, a Lucky Pokemon needs less stardust to power up.

Eli Mann says:

I don’t get what this video does for us

Oscar Ornelas says:

Add me 6521 8609 7276

FAD3Dx GHOSTx says:

That account has to be boosted, the guy had like 3mil stardust

Nyanko Sensei says:

2018 in GO POKEMON

NullorVolt says:

pokemon still go play people?

[征服者]tridelloh says:

50th dislike!

Julian Symons says:

Should just do wonder trade like on the 3DS that was a gamble in terms of luck

BigLipsBarry says:


Jarid Gaming says:

Trading System is Garbage should be able to Trade with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, Period.

Minitte says:

thats a nice player

SmartThis says:

What’s special

Hudson Diego says:

1770 0314 1458

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