Pokemon GO – Which INSANE Pokemon did you capture? 😀
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Allyson Midgley says:

My nickname at school is Ali A. Oof

Aiden Tv says:

8.01 that throw

Brian Allen says:

I found a wild poliwrath once

Raulo Hernandez says:

It was not a first the frist pokeball

Karli Farrow says:

Stupid Ali-A
I came to see you catch the Dragonite.

Necati Dinc says:

5:00 i think its fake he did’t not look too his phone

cpriaqua says:

Worst voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joep Tjoep says:

I got a eevee from cp800

Andrei Munteanu says:

2425 5296 7012

Billie aMoon says:

I miss hos pokemon go vlogs… 🙁

i be flossin says:

that thumbnail will never happen

Joep Tjoep says:


Clayton Owens says:


Syamala Mummuluri says:

Send friend request to 085328337523

Max Huizing says:


George Balcombe says:

Eevee is my frav pokemon

Raul Sampedro says:

Do it

Tom Simmons says:

5394 6971 3631

Traevon Ammons says:

Who loves click batt

zyeptik says:


troller 401 says:

Warturtel spawn trash I got blastoise

Soojin Im says:

I want tobsee it

조영선 says:


light L3g3nd says:

If you wanted a vaporion call it Rainer

Diamondumbreon says:


Rares Velcu says:

You have a cute dog

Kobenhoser says:

1900 7473 9785

Joep Tjoep says:

With your eevee from cp700

Cherie Hickey says:

I have Flareon shiny

Shasta’s Animations :3 says:

Charmanders are red,
Squirtles are blue
I came for the thumbnail,
And so did you!

Zeven Arik says:

Do you say bad words ?

Joep Tjoep says:


Austin Crockett says:

Yes they have good Pokémon cards

Carina Moroyoqui says:

Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 2039 7134 0967!

Joep Tjoep says:

They are bad

Ashwatth Ganesh says:

fam my egg are full

The Phantom of The Opera Populaire says:

I didn’t really like this guy…

Until i saw the Team Leader at 5:39

Gido Teunissen says:

1342 4028 9112 I’will send gives back add me please

Xgamer71 says:

2019 anyone!!!

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