Pokemon GO LEGENDARY RAID Gameplay Trailer! (+ How To Get Them)

Pokemon GO LEGENDARY RAID Gameplay Trailer! 😀
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)


TheGamingOtter 123 says:

Lachlan has articuno and lugia already


How cool

Jayden Curtis says:

alia I found a lucien Raid at 45678

Darragh OBrien says:

I just saw an articuno but there was no one else to do the raid with me

M3xican D3vil says:

I have 2 concerns, 1 Being the chance that I will get a legendary raid because I live in a relatively small town.
2 being that my friends dont play pokemon go so how am I going to be able to defeat it on my own because if not then I can never get a legendary.

Ayden Carkner says:

I did 1 but failed to catch

Ronen Isakov says:

C cvs for

Mattiplayz Jj says:

Subscribe to my chanal and I will subscribe to yours

Ferex says:

Keep it going been watching since first episode

Yolanda Guo says:

i freaking caught all legendarys even new ones!

Cole Skins says:

Picks 6 for lugia raid “I choose hoppip pidgey beedrill natu pidgeot and radicate go!!!!

jiasenhuaji says:

Legendry raids its obviously not legendARY raids

Al Aze says:

I’ve got an articuno

Zachariah Moore says:

did anyone else notice the mewtwo?

Leo Wang says:

Can you catch all legendary

Bradley Knight says:

Ali it’s ho-oh not ho-ho

LoPsIdEdLuCaRi0 Pokemon YouTube says:

The one question… Will you be able to hatch legendaries from eggs….?

Xenro GD says:

It’s 20 people max at a raid…

Carson TheMaster says:

AilA where’s my mew WHERES MY MEW !!!!!

Simone Meijer says:

cigarette softly observer library can overcome online golden bear production.

Hertchel Griffin says:

I found a articuno already but it ran

Gabe Besa says:

Yo anybody know which site Ali uses for poke spawns?

aquaphazed says:


troll eagle says:

I SAW AN ARTICUNO!!! I tried beating but we lost

Laura Torres says:

I Found articono

Shy Typhlosion says:

You forgot celebi. But mew and celebi might be like the event only pokemon in the mainstream games

joepoppikinson says:

I had 8 separate attempts 6 Articuno and 2 Lugias amd didn’t catch a single 1 bad joke!

RaZz channel says:

Why do you still play pokemon go

TheSecretNinja says:

Excuse me…Celebi was also missing. I take it you forgot that.

Flaming Trex675 says:

I did a articuno raid and caught it today!

Rene Laurings says:

OMG! Just spotted an Articuno raid boss in Cape Town…

Shania Coffin says:

watch my video it’s fun

colbymccord says:

this game is irrelevant

LegoByggeren DK says:

And then everything went wrong at Pokemon GO Fest

Basilio Corona says:

Pokemon go is dead

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