Pokemon GO In The Forrest! Pokemon Life EP1 (Pokemon GO Gameplay)

Pokemon Go Episode 1 has us playing the new Pokemon Go ios game with epic Pokemon Go gameplay in a deadly forrest! We try and catch them all! This video we will take on a gym and learn how to evolve with Pokemon Go Gameplay. We may even see Pikachu charmander or squirtle! Like for more episodes and funny gaming videos daily!

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Nerf No says:

I’m a Pokemon master

SugarBertie says:

Are the guns real

michael suhy says:

you should carry a gun cause some crazy stuff happens when people play Pokémon go

Katarinathegreatrussian says:

I have 2 so far Pikachu and Kingler

leroy Van de ruit says:

3:28 ther whas a f*king hypno

Ethan Moore says:

Bet Pokemon is 4018 cp snorlax

Jonas IDK says:

In US this is forrest in my country its park/public you get 2 polemon in the hour here without intense

Brandie Bloggins says:

are you killing them or catching Tham

Dalmnolk Ukans says:

What is the name of the song at the beggining while he’s getting ready?

supermarc13 says:

can I have one like for poopoo

minecraftboy65t says:

“I’m no geologist but it close” lmao

Julie Lindegaard says:


Starblazer says:

Your place looks exactly like an apartment I looked at in North Bend Washington. With that same exact tree outside the window.

gabriel mani arason says:

is this real guns

Demond Blakely says:

we’re those guns real

ItsAddi ! says:

Lol I was laughing so hard when he didn’t know what a weed le was xD

Tobias Bennett says:

Who’s that Pokemon: It’s Pichu!

YoshiTrainer DC says:

Noooo i wanna abra

PiisamiRotta says:

can u find pokemons off a road?

Ralph Lawrence says:

there’s a pokemon go mod wherein you can use joystick.

Phil Anderson says:

real guns?

itz about that time says:

u can tell he never played Pokemon in his life

The Suspicious Pancake says:

Pokémon got to kill em all

roel gonzalez says:

You know that if you use the other view way you dont need to get colse to the pokemon

Gaming Linford says:

I love this game

420pGaming says:


Rilee Perkov says:

click the Pokemon in your circle to fight it

SophiePhilip MacLean says:

Croque matin Is in French So dont try to pronuce it

Neil88 GT says:

Pokemon! GOTTA KILL THEM ALL!! lol u made me so laugh at that xD



Ravage4Savage says:

Do poke go work in the forests

Iron hero says:

I don’t think this guy played Pokemon before

iiSpoox says:

wtf wont he get arrested

wallace ben says:

at 3:17 on the map haha

cindy Salas says:

wait how can you tell a pokemon is near bye on the map pls reply thx

Matthew Martinez says:

hello, great video.

GamesMedia says:

Do Pokémon spawn always at the same place or point? Or can the apear everywhere?

Fynn Albers says:

youre first really pokemon is a seaking . YOU are so lucky bro

JGamer101 says:

Amazing what people do to catch Pokemon…

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