Pokemon GO Gameplay Ep 8 – EPIC LONDON POKEMON GO!
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Rhys Texter says:

I am team instinct

JadenPlayz115 says:

I hate it when..
1. people cant speel
6.cant count
4.ask for likes
like if u agree

XxgodxX 86 says:

I found a dragonite in London

MiloGamez YT says:

i have 2 1200 vaporeons a flareon 1000cp hypno 1000cp im on lvl 17 nearly 18

Walter Johnson says:

Even your team

skully farast says:

My place is controlled by the yellow team,
this sucks.

Everything Aquarium says:

thx for tips about savin energy and battery power

Xavier Rutkowski says:

my best pokemon is a veiporion 2061 and i am a level 23

Mikey Duffin says:

Cool episode best pokemon go trainer ever


plz subscribe to my channel its called jacobgamergb i subbed to u so plz

Mark Anderson says:

u r awesome make more cool pokemon go vids

Ma Guadalupe Caloca says:

i got paresek

Megan Jackson says:

i love this vido

Avery Lawson says:

Nathan butagieg me too I was like I have 100 percent i mean what the heck

Aaron The mega thunderbow says:

i have completed the pokedex

Butter Boy says:

I am always exited for your pokemon go videos

haylie Batman says:

Sum one has 8 Dittos

poke Gamer98 says:

ben must be big XD

Lucas Cotton says:

IM LVL40 with a complete pokedex

ROBLOX-field of battle Is awesome says:

By my hose in diamonds bar city it has 44 k and is level 8 and all the Pokémon are 2700 AND GUESS WHAT CONTROLS IT BLUEEEEEE THATS RIGHT WERE ARE GONNA CRSH IT

Ethan Mcchesney says:

i got gengar

Thomas Golzen says:

i sebscribd

Everything Aquarium says:

lol gotta catch a pikachu and rhiachu before generation 2 comes become pichu is coming

Skull 7100 says:

London is nothing to downtown sioux falls

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