POKEMON GO – How to Level Up FAST in Pokemon GO!! (Pokemon GO Gameplay)

Catching some epic Pokemon with Typical Gamer and levelling up FAST! Give this video a thumbs up for more Pokemon GO!! 🙂
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Yaredt Tavarez says:

Idk what’s so addictive about Pokemon go? I think the is annoying and pointless

Marianne Gano says:

It was at were they were like wuts this

Josina Nash says:

Ihack pokemon

WachoMon.420 says:

You can actually make the egg and all the timed items last all day if you wanned to… Just fucc around your settings and rewind time (30 minutes) and you can do it as long as your item’s time don’t hit Zero

Guillermo Velasquez says:

my name is Guillermo Velasquez

CrystalMaster says:

lol buncha sheeple

Xx MLGPoPTaRTxX says:

Use the eeve evolution trick if u want fire

Arthur Teixeira says:

Why don’t you transfer all these pidgets?

Fishy says:


EliteBadBoys says:

Now I don’t feel so bad for having a scrubby start. Gonna play catch up tomorrow!

Noel Amaya says:

hey im a big fan plzzz reply back to me i would be very happy keep up the good vids.

Monopoly man says:

If you transfer Pokemon do u lose candys or just get q more cuz if u get more u could have 1 podgy and transfer the rest dippy

erik ayala says:

Hatching an egg while driving works for me on Pokemon go

AMADEUS_007 says:

SIMPLE WAY TO HAVE UNLIMITED INCENSE AND LUCKY EGGS::::::: SET YOUR PHONES TIME BACK 30mins every 30mins so the time on the lucky egg or incense does NOT RUN OUT!!!!!

The Witness says:

she is hot

fishrush says:

Use raseberrys

Jordan Peterson says:

The first 2 minutes already won me over to this channel xD

AndrewLenehan says:

How do you catch a lot quickly!?!?

Mr. Pringles says:

I had a ponyta run awau

Stuff DTV says:

Where is gryarados

Angela Bradley says:

you should have picked team instinct my brother hates team Valor

SwagMaster SG says:


Blue says:

where can I get lucky eggs lol

Gardenia Najar says:

tell ondrey i love gta make more and my name is stanley

Антоан Димитров says:

this guy is so ugly !!!

Xx MLGPoPTaRTxX says:

Whoever is in Team Valor is a Boss!

Xx MLGPoPTaRTxX says:

Use the eeve evolution trick

Marianne Gano says:

I saw u but didn’t want to interrupt the vid

Ur welcome

Keelan O'Connell says:

I wonder how long it will be until IRL shops end up paying the creators pf the app to put pokéstops in their stores…

Kizzy Andrew says:

Are you Liverpool cause that’s we’re stanley park is

Roblox Frankie says:

ugh, my phone hates me.
I cant even get a drowzee without the cry being played repeatedly

Collin Eclipse says:

this video shows how bad I suck at pokemon I’ve hade the game fro a wee now and I’m only lvl 6

ItsDrakeTho says:

I’m level 7 and I never got a lucky egg

evan says:

ssoooo you only had the game for one day and already a gyarados?

Joel Aguirre says:

just to let you know you can hatch eggs when you’re driving around you just have to drive on their 15

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