Pokemon GO Gameplay Ep 12 – CAN YOU CATCH MEWTWO? :O
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Xave F says:

I have a ditto!!

marte alejando says:

I have ditto I got it when I got rattata

Ella Pugh says:

i have found two ditto

Hinh The says:

good game and well player

Master Pig Gaming says:

I caught two dittos

The. GamingDog says:

You can get ditto

Carlos Gonzalez says:

I have ditto

huong hoa says:

good game and well player

The Doge Master says:

I have ditto

Thehybridwolfx says:

Wat team is he on?

Carl Malone says:

Appreciate your theory on how to get mewtwo

MinionPink!!! says:

Guys no lie I saw Clair but thought it wasn’t and in the end it was them because they had a camera and they hatched a bell sprout and a growlith

smilelydogz productions says:

if you get another dog name it growlith

Sahir Tiwari says:

more ao

Jakethesnake757 Hille says:

i subbed

Cg Vb says:

thank for your video, i love this

jh k says:

wow…… mewtwo

Sam Hennessy says:

I have 7 dittos

It's jacob's world says:

I subscribed because your awesome!

Chyna Andrews says:

I have a ditto

jh k says:

wow…… mewtwo

rumble ray pokemon journey says:

I have two ditto.

Christopher Rothwell says:

yo alia i like u
A LOT*****

Alan Nestor Godinez Tovar says:

I have Mega slowbro EX card

Topaz40 says:


Judd Ross says:

i have a ditto no hacks

Grace Newman says:

thank for your video, i love this

Stompy Gaming says:

You can’t catch it

Thomas Mcallister says:

I’ve got ditto

Van Luong says:

thank for your video, i love this

Leprechaun Productions says:

I caught ditto

Thin Kin says:

thank for your video, i love this

TheBlueDiamondFilms BlueGamer says:

heh, nice video! Love it, do more pls!

Brandy Tee says:

like for team Valor

Nguyen Nguyen says:

thank for your video, i love this

Simon Hobbs says:



XxMegaCarizardxX XY says:

I have ditto

Envious Relic969 says:

I have ditttio

Xave F says:

I have a ditto

Ninja J says:

Who collects Pokemon card tins like me?

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