Pokemon Go Gen 3 wave 3 Pokemon Gameplay!

The 3rd waves of pokemon for gen 3 is finally out with 20 more rock pokemons & more!


Kim Nee Lau says:

And solrock

Claire Davies says:

Cacnea is in the game

kleberson Gamer says:

Meda uma conta de pokemo go pfv manow


I had the same by my grandmas house what is it

gogeta god says:

Fack you

Kim Nee Lau says:

I love lunastone

Paulina M says:

Solrock can be catched In Poland?

Zone says:

I have lunastone

gobinda kalita says:

I don’t have Pokemon go

Kim Nee Lau says:

OMG a baltoy

Mayank Singh says:

How to find gen3 Pokemon like mutkip,catmia,

Karoline Lemmens says:


Kauan Melo says:


Julia olejnik says:


Sebastian Martinez says:


Kilomax Kilo says:

fajna gra

Henrik Boy2 says:

I have Pokémon GO!.

Ranit Mahato says:

Where u found solrock?

lucas Oui says:


Nicolas Andrade says:

man,my dad is havin the problem of Ur device is not compatible with pokemon go.
can u say how to fix

Sara Ali says:

I need to see evolution of bagon in pokemon go

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