Pokemon Go Gen 2 Gameplay Pt1 (1st Larvitar)!

Generation two is finally out get out there & fill up your Jhoto Poke Dex and lose some calories


Fly hue says:

I’ve had that glitch

nico k says:

Where do you live ???

Mega Rayquaza says:

its amazing people already have TYRANNITAR!

alex poulin says:

are you using an app? because id like to play this game on my couch

Suicide Mouse AUTTP VGCP EDCP says:

I have skiploom AT HOME

SCYTH3 says:

Rip but good to know larvitar and tyrantiar are in da game

Kayla Smith says:

Where did you catch Larvitar

Master GD says:

fuckin mystic only valor and instict

Mr Nobody says:

your city ? i don’t see Larvitar 🙁

Expectro Go says:

Guys , I just evolved my slowpoke INTO A SLOWKING with the help of a king’s rock

Blade says:

I caught a Crobat,jk,i evolved it,i have over 100 zubat candy lol

Bear Moon says:

I had a Ladyba at my house!

ChrisGTheWeatherGeek says:

Can you hatch any of the new gen 2 Pokemon from eggs?

Erick Abreu says:


Suicide Mouse AUTTP VGCP EDCP says:

This means great!

MegaWilliam4ever says:

so lucky

Emerald 1 says:

i caught xatu

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