Pokémon GO – Gameplay (POKEMON GO REACTION) – Part 1

Let’s play a new mobile GPS game called: Pokémon GO
Sabrina is new to Pokemon so it doubles as a gameplay / reaction to Pokémon! She creates a girl trainer and tries to catch all the Pokemon she can and store them in her Pokédex! Sabrina is playing Pokémon GO on Android although it’s available on iPhone as well! There are a lot of server problems still but it’s a fun game. Lets play Pokemon GO!
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Rain_Da ssj 1 says:

Can’t get it so wach it I love Pokemon

iiTs EVAN says:

My sister has 70 Pokemon

Nicholas Rowell says:

your my big fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

ely Butters says:

What’s wrong with ur front tooth

ESSBrew says:

TURN OFF AR ! and get a dang pokestop

Autisimmons says:

Driving with ‘Pokémon GO!’ probably isn’t the best idea. This was a nice video, though. I hope things go well for this channel. 🙂 d

Christie Maloney says:

bring back jacob

Manga Conrad Anime says:

I subbed

Nick Urbano says:

she really pretty

emas anuar says:

you noob

Chris L says:

Christian Jose Lopez

iiTs EVAN says:

I have 9 eggs

Chocolatebarz123 says:

Your blonde hair is sooooo beautiful

Skele Creep says:

Why he Don’t Play Pokemon X and Y??

mr lullaby595 says:

this is extream cringe

mininggamer9 says:

your a gmail

Callum Baker says:

you hot

Baby Gamer says:

100 years later sabrina is a pokemon master

William Morales says:

My friend is bad

emas anuar says:

I am lv.29

Jeff Castello says:

Rosemont forest park is a fighting place

maria teresa carrillo says:

Sabrina you’re so so so so. Beautiful

Argz says:

Love the video would you like me to make a outro for ur channel?? It will 3d and awesome its up to u im happy to do it 4 u ill upload it on my channel or ill email it to you 🙂

catwolf girl says:


Rodrigo Elmer says:

ɷ Heeyy Frienddsss I Have D0wnloadeddd P0kemonnn G0 From : – https://twitter.com/LilaBNavarro1/status/752857791472160768

mrsjhill779 says:

play roblox

Fireking12333 says:

They do you they can just tap a gym if they see it they don’t have to stop, it’s like they never played mobile game before

nemer abidallah says:

i found one in restroom

PikaChuGurl Fan21 says:

…just wow

Hunter Cochran says:

person car car crash because of Pokemon go

Jacob Blanscett says:


Miranda Scott says:

you walk very slow in pokemon go

SonicBubbaGaming Bubba says:

I just got the game and now I have 7 Pokémon

HyperWolf Gaming and More! says:

0:02 and today at *sick electronic guitar* tera brite games. lol love the intro xDDD

Kris Kent says:

she’s so loud

Michael Jordan says:

great channel this is my first time watching this channel and i love it 🙂

SonicBubbaGaming Bubba says:

I just got the game and now I have 7 Pokémon

xojump5loverox says:

I need to play this !

Your wost Su says:

He is some tips for new starters so went you about to catch a pokemon the circle around it tells you how easy the pokemon is to catch green means easy red and yellow are hard and Amber is middle stage I hope this tip help you goodbye

micropower says:

ummm your not supposed to drive and play this game

RiotRumble says:

What the F*** is wrong with her teeth!!!!

Giant Goomba says:

show this to jacob

B.D Miller says:

Ha ha ha

K-LO Dey Know says:

I have 45 Pokemon but I hope you guys do more with this series 🙂

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