Pokemon Go Gameplay: Pokemon Go Gen 2 Catch Race – ELLEN VS LUKE

Pokemon Go Gen 2 introduces 80 new collectible Pokemon to the game — but with just 15 minutes to catch as many of the new Pokemon as possible, will Ellen or Luke prove to be the very best?

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Casper Hofkens says:

where or you catching them?

Zeldorian says:


slydkid says:

I think Ellen won that one using almost only normal pokeballs.

G3n-T3ch Alpha says:

21 is not a lot great balls Ellen

Shebly84 says:


Elliot Harris says:

what dictaphone were you using for this video? quality sounds really good and in the market for a good, reliable one

GhengisJohn says:

“There’s a Weedle, nobody cares about Weedles.”
*Cut to a Weedle, a single tear runs down it’s cheek, it hits the unsubscribe button.*

Griffin Raynor says:

I’m so jealous of all those scythers and the jynx…

Crosby Lover says:

go Ellen only cause your instinct and I can’t support a Valor .. not sorry Mystic for life

arollofnegatives says:

Luke, all we have in my area is pidgies, so your question made me laugh, i’m over in New England, your guys’ England is better.

Yellow Flash says:

Did Ellen just ignored that snorlax at the end?

zaqzilla1 says:

Hows the weather in London this time of year? It looks pretty nice out.

Mason Webb says:

I love his jacket, where can I get one

Matt Taylor says:

“Welcome to cool club, in my Pokemon box” is now what I shall be saying to all my new pokemans.

Abazkaa Destar says:

Luke had better balls but Ellen managed to need fewer throws so in my books she won

Dylan Brown says:


deutschsprecher says:

Gah! a park full of Scythers and a Jynx??? I need to go to London.

Just Some Guy says:

Wait, did Luke briefly have a Jimmy Carr laugh in this video?

joe joeee says:

I am going to London for the first time this summer, (I am from New York) are there any places you would recommend as locals?

AdiXeR says:

Sorry, Luke, but Ellen is the real winner here, for a very simple reason: she’s Team Instinct.

She_Sings_FOB says:

ahh Ellen I have the same colored hair!

Kaizo Audio says:

I love both of their jackets.

Ernesto87 says:

Have you guys found any of the three legendary dogs, Ho-Oh, and Lugia?

metal4life161 says:

can I get a hoothoot?!

Zak Of No Trades says:

But no-one plays Pokemon go anymore.

Kaspar Tils says:

18:30 Oh no they fainted!

Regliomanstra Smith says:

Commenting because I heard it generates youtube revenue

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