Pokemon Go Gameplay – Today I play this brand new game in a taxi!

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Put “POKEMON” as your comment if you read the description!


Lijo k 26 says:

Nice Cab driver

Zubair Osman says:

If you just clicked on it it would appear

iNINJA MLG says:

your a fag

diamondman 103 says:

thecampingrsher is so cool

Blaze Mastermind says:

I would love to see more. It always seems to make me happy when other people are happy, playing a game, and being active at the same time.

Elena De leon says:

you don’t have to go to the pokemon just tap on them

SomeDood says:

Get a gopro dude for pokego vids

FishingForLife28 says:

Incense is so easy, activaited one, took a chiar and sat in my back garden. got 6

Hailie Bear says:

Pokemon go came out in Canada now, I also live in Canada and I found out it came out today

Leon Li says:


Hannah Hollern says:

Rusher u have to tap the pokemon, u didn’t need to go towards it, lol more work done than needed

YaBoi James says:

ii have the game but my mom probably wouldnt let me go outside to go catch pokemon when u wish pokemon go came out when u lived in ur parents basement

DeepFREEz says:

How did you get that on an iPhone 4?!?

Barb Picciurro says:

I want to rage i see bad hate pls dont do it on rusher or anyone youtube channle ty

Erin Cook says:

Tap the screen omigod

Lathika Soori says:

yo this guys canadian toronto scarborough beaches accent is strong af

Shreasth Gupta says:

Pokemon .. Pika pika pikachu

Cole Urbanski says:


Edi Hardy says:

This is cancer, seeing his arms out like that makes me scarred.

Wacky Ducky says:


SpiderTwist3 says:

he walks so weird lmao

Crazygirl1231 says:

You don’t have to walk to it once it pops up (the pokémon) you just click it

Psyko Devil says:

When the Pokemon shows up on the screen I’m pretty sure you don’t have to walk towards it

Rein Josh says:

i saw a pikachu i was thorwing pokeballs at him but he was keep ascaping but finllay i caught pikachu he did not escape at last:0. that means tired of trying to catch pikachu>

CAT_MAN656 Anfilofieff says:

Is iOS apple

xxTryHardxSkillsxx says:

To all rusher fans and to rusher. Make sure you are around a very safe place when you play Pokemon go. If you don’t want to get robbed killed or anything like that I suggest you don’t play the game. People are waiting at pokestops for other people to kill them or rob them. This game is very dangerous. Be safe.

PrayForHarambe v2 says:


pielovergirl123 says:

I’ve lost three pounds since this came out by walking everywhere because I don’t want to waste gas.

DrewHag 806 says:

I love these videos they are like a vlog and gameplay combined

YaBoi James says:

Yes, but how does it not crash on mitches 5 when i have a 5c and when i catch a pokemon there is a chance it will free in the pokeball

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