Pokemon GO Gameplay – GYM BATTLES & HOW TO EVOLVE!

Pokemon GO Gameplay Ep 2 – Gym battles, evolution & MORE! 😀
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Alvaro Mariño B. says:

lol 8 kilometers

Adam Heaslip says:

I started at Christmas and highest cp 2314gryadous and espionage

James Wise Magic says:

There are 2 kinds of people. Those that choose Team Valor and then those that chose wrong! xD

Kim Wilson says:

Mystic that is what I am on

Elliot Talbot says:

no its not lier

Owen Goodier says:

I chose valor

Moe Naratil says:

Go Team Mystic

Liam Johnson says:

I am in team blue

Chyna Andrews says:

I also with 14 Mystic on Pokemon go

Jkaplan3017 says:

I am team Valor

Adam Heaslip says:

I HATE YOU your not instinct

Super Duper Monket Man says:

im team yellow my best pokemon is vaporeon and it is 1259 cp

justin ross says:


Martina Houmphanh says:


Ale_X says:

In in mystic

Jkaplan3017 says:

I am really freaked out because, I battled you and I won that but you are kind of hard to beat but anyway the only thing I want to ask is if you are ever going to go on a adventure with Evee that will get you more likes and maybe more subscribers I personally don’t have a YouTube cannel but I want one.

KIDZZ 123 says:

I’m team mystic

Jose Medina says:

team instinct for life

Paul Reed says:

team valor

The VPT Variety Show says:

im team mystic love your vids keep doing what you do

PokeMonGo Adventures says:

“that’s are really strong oddish!”

*Watches newest video*

“that CP 973 charmelion is not that strong!”

josh inger says:

I picked blue

Ebony Bone says:

an 8km egg lol

IcyMelonProductions says:

i chose team instinct

Harvey Mercer says:

I am team mystic

Codi-rose Markall says:

I’m team mystic go team mystic! Anyway pidgeys don’t even know one plus one

MysticlyGaming says:

Im on team blue or as we know Mystic!!!!!

Elizabeth Yang says:


Andrej Mitrovic says:

I chose team Mystic asswel.

BB PLAYS says:


Eevee Master VictinicraftX says:


TheUnde FinedMaster says:

#TeamInstinct #PokemonGO

Da real Jonny says:

I’m in team instinct

Asma Akhtar says:

hi ali a

Adam Heaslip says:

I team yellow don’t go in car won’t get any egg hatches

Drew's Awesome Vlogs says:




Tony gaming says:

team zaptos

pixel sam gamer mewtwo says:

team Valor

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