Pokemon GO Gameplay Ep 3 – Eggs, new Pokemon & MORE! 😀
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Mike Navarro says:

I have a dittoooi

toadthefungi64 says:

wow this game has come far lol

Steve Cowan says:

can i get a shout out plzz I need it

EeveePlays!!!/ Vannilaplays says:

I have better eevee’s like a vaporeon and a jolteon and my vaporeon is the strongest wich is nearly 1000 cp like in the 900’s

Rage NinjaGamer says:

When I was Cher this I was watching at 1 and u as same time what a coincidence

Lina and Kayla says:

Ah, back when 324 CP was the best he had…

A BONE says:

it is exciting watching you alia

Jayden Lowe says:

an Executor that has 800cp

Jkaplan3017 says:

I have caught sevral pokemonn in yth ewild but never these!

JoyAnn Wright says:

I have a 1976 combat power Vaporian

SR Tube says:


JakeManSC says:

Dragonite was wat I Kent to say

ODF says:

To be honest I am only watching this series when my phone is charging or my parents wont let me out to catch pokemon!

Snowblooddirewolf says:

It’s 400 candy cuz gardoes is op and magikarp are commonly found by water

FaZe Lepus says:

he caught a grimer!!! WOW!

Ravi Ohri says:

Wait….but I have a ditto

Stefan Veldman says:

The face of Claire looks like the face of eevee lol

Kevin Harvey says:


Antho Elykia says:

I dear to resales your ever

Jeff Coc says:

Happy new year

Chris Donaldson says:

Who would want to catch rattattas or pidgeys well FORR…dittos of course

EeveePlays!!!/ Vannilaplays says:

If you want a jolteon name an eevee sparky and then evolve it

Cookie Dog says:

I have a 364 raticate

Thomas Court says:

I have a muk

mahmood Mujahid Mujahid says:

All I ever get is snorlax nothing but snorlax and pidgey

Beno haribo says:

If you want pokestops go to London

fordsmasher51 plays says:

I have mew

The g ster Gstet says:

Your good

Evan T says:

My best Pokémon is Arcanine at CP 1268

Candyland 859 says:

compared to your videos now this video is SO so lame

michael jones says:

My first charmander lvl 23

Jessica Erdmier says:

while I was waching I cot a snorlax

zain chergui-harvey says:


Rage NinjaGamer says:

My mom doesn’t think I can get 100like on this comment

JakeManSC says:

I have got a dradonite and can yo say my name in a video my name is jake

Diamondclone Collecting/Gaming says:

GRimer is very rare and muk, OH MY LORD

karlsallets says:

like if ure team bleu

Joshua Wade says:


Antho Elykia says:


Pokémon Hunter says:


Jude Dolling says:

not me

DaRealBigDEAL 567 says:

Grimer before bellsprout 🙂

Aiden Felton says:

To be honest I don’t play Pokemon GO but I am team blue

Damian Richards says:

Her Phone Omg

Nathaniel Adams says:

On pokemon go I have lv.9,000 Charizard and lv.45,000 Blastoise and gyros

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