Pokemon Go Gameplay – Catching Pokemon Around YogTowers!

Pokemon Go gameplay! Pokemon are in the REAL WORLD! Time to catch some around YogTowers and experience the amazing world outside!
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Brandon says:

waiting on the stories of this app taking kids into the ghettos to catch pokemon and they end up getting jumped/hurt/killed for their phones…

siniflow says:

got it via the apk, where i live, i got about 6 pokestops and 2 gyms within walking range, and thats what is visible in my part of town, the other part must be similar.

i can see myself walking around town to get all the gyms. gonna pwan some bitchs

Andrew Castellano says:

what do the rustling leaves mean? i walk to them and nothing appears

Mark Mr says:

I’m not looking at the kids in the playground, I’m just trying to catch em all!

The Anal Atheist says:

Drowzees, Hypnos and Mr Mimes should not be allowed near schools, they are all rapey pokemon. They are the kind of pokemon that need to stay in stab country.

DaymForTheGlam says:

New Bond House, Bond St, Bristol BS2 9AG, UK

Legorhin says:

gg now everyone knows where sjin lives

dragon2469 says:

How do you record your screen on an android?

Ricky B says:

Those workmen though… so sexy 🙂

JOSE MARIA Costa says:

Que bosta num lançaram essa merda ate agora aqui no brasil!!!!!!!!

MyPs3gamer says:

Sjinny savile

conor sinclair says:

how dont u need internet

challenger vs challenger says:

i got a jigglypuff, pidgeotto, horsea, zubat, rattata, venonat, grimer, staryu, slowpoke, poliwag, doduo, tangela, krabby, fearow, pinsir, psyduck, nidoran, metapod, oddish, kakuna, raticate, pidgey, horsea, magikarp, caterpie, spearow, weedle, eevee, poliwhirl and bulbasaur

toastyfeet says:

I’ve seen a Snorlax or two at St Paul’s Carnival in my time.

NoSympathyGiven says:

I hope Sjin didnt do this from home because some lunatic is gonna use that map to find where he is in Bristol.

lonewolfgamergirl Rkofan says:

I am really sad cause pokemon go isnt out in croatia yet Lucky you in england and america and everyone Who has that in his country

AoD Fox Gaming says:

There is battling once you get to level five only on other players or gyms

TSW Beast says:

did anyone else notice sjin has an overwatch symbol on his backpack

TomahawkTiger says:

You seem like a really chill guy

D0S81 says:

the cool thing for me is i already live in the rough part of town, so no matter where pokemon go takes me….its a step up from where i started 🙂

Joe Simmons says:

How did u get Pokemon go when it ain’t relised in uk

Charlie Symons says:

St. Paul’s is a bit dodgy been ther a few times and it’s getting better but still don’t want to be hanging around ther long!

Yologit Gary says:

You lice in MN

Jmart781 Gaming says:


Cipher655 says:

so… this game outed 3 pedophiles and one kidnapper so far.

NICE to promote this game <3

Orithil6913 says:

Aren’t you in the UK? If so this isn’t released yet, and if you got the APK going around you could have malware now. GG buddy.

Gr3nadgr3gory says:

sjin, you are now professor mahogany.

AlmostKentish says:

sjin is quite literally a walking billboard for Blizzard

Undefined Conscious says:

it does get u into the world, sometimes the dirty world though like seriously crack cocaine?

Jack Rycroft says:

They put drowsees in schools because they’re litterally the pervert pokemon

Blue says:

found a gastly in front of my school

seems legit

auscaliber1 says:

…Does Sjin have a mullet?


This made me never want to go to England, because they have bad pokemon

coolington McCoy says:

no one plays this game any more

randomguy wookie says:

what team are you

theownmages says:

plz make this into a series

TheGigabyteGamer says:

you said you can get that pokestop from your kitchen. we can now figure out what building you live in…..

No Chance Without Pasta says:

You guys do know you can just tap the pokemon once it appears on your screen right? You don’t actually have to walk to it. This is how you stay out of private property. Just get close enough to make it pop up on the map, and tap it. Super easy.

SGReece says:

>says charmander will protect him
>chooses squirtle

Will Adamou says:

Anyone else ‘meber when sjin was the yogscast little kid youtuber? Now he sweares after alot of the kills and stuff. i dont really mind but just pointing it out.

Cirno The 9 says:

I heard someone snuck out of their house last night to play Pokemon GO but got shot in the head while catching a pikachu cause he went to the wrong neighborhood.

nickalas osweiler says:

you should build gondor

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