Pokemon GO Episode #1 – CATCHING POKEMON!

Pokemon GO Gameplay Ep 1 – Catching Pokemon, leveling up & MORE! 😀
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Nu Te says:

thank for your video, i love this

Lewis gamer aaa says:


Gloria Schmalz says:

thank for your video, i love this

Dat Dewd says:

I remember watching this. It feels too recent.

Jason Obran says:

Who’s watching this in 2017 like if you are

Ebony Bone says:

he was exited cause he found a eevee lol

perplopski says:

Who’s watching in 2017 omg evee his dog so small and cute

Veronica Veloz says:

in my house

Veronica Veloz says:

I have Pokemon go and it spawned in my house

Munna Zain says:

That’s so cute puppy

Weetiji says:

This was the best time in my life 😀 Like if you are wathing in 2017

Adam carter says:

who is watching this in 2017 lol

Veronica Veloz says:

every body this youtuber is stupid

James Bishop says:

don’t evolve eeeveeeee!!!

master of Storm says:

my birthday is in one month can I get 1 subscriber please

whitefox Gaming says:


Susannah Zoldyck says:

2:06 Yep. he was right. 7 MONTHS LATER

Vat Va says:

thank for your video, i love this

實 驗品9453 says:


Erik Schmidt says:

Gen 2 now

Korean Z says:

thank for your video, i love this

Aastik Anthwal says:

pokemon stuck in my legs what to do how to fix ?

Chamain Dragon says:

can anyone tell me why his not using his camera

Jake Willey says:

I am lucky there must be a pidgeot/pidgyoto spawn place

Mirtha Casimiro says:

pokemno metwo

Peter Pham says:

Evolve eevee into jolteon

Luca's World of Awesomeness says:

looking back, it looks weird because I am commenting a year after when gen 2 came out and the ui is so different

julaTVn tomkowicz says:


Stufmedoes says:

Eevee is so small

Jkaplan3017 says:

I am also impressed I think you should keep Evee as Evee you will probably find more soon.

Yves Elezar Estrella says:

that’s not gasly its koffing

вызыватель призраков says:

я единственный кто смотрит его из России?

Zakaria Ali says:

u should Evolve eeve

Jay Thewiz says:

Looks like Nintendo is back at it again naming proffesers after trees

Robert Keith says:

zubat was my first wild pokemon

Em da om says:

thank for your video, i love this

Isaac The Crazy Gamer says:


Arman Atri says:

When he gets excited for a zubat

PancakeFarts19 says:

3:25 Video not sponsored by Wii U

Tymon Drzewicz says:

Evolve eevee into jolteon

TyNotThai says:


Rolands Petersons says:

found a pikachu in my bathroom once

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