Pokemon GO Gameplay – How to CHOOSE your Eevee evolution! 🙂
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Watermelon Paige says:

Your asome

Laurent Georges says:

llm”ko”koiuyggfdezetyuinjn hhok,ll,

sudha marachi says:

i evovled an eeve with 422 cp and i got vaporeon with 1466 cp

scarlett rice says:


Emmy Griffiths says:

Rainer is the strongest sparky is the weakest and pyro is in the middle

Kenzie Rothecker says:

anyone see the giant pikachu

Sophia Remus says:

ooooooooommmmmmmggggggg ooooooooommmmmmmggggggg

sergio yu says:

Hey crazy!:)

Sunil Waghmare says:

hey I am level 11 in poke go,but I am still finding eevee.How should I get one or a eevee nest?

SkyDrop says:

i got a magmar cp 350 but it have a 100 attack!!!

Zakir Hilal says:

why this man fell I am very lucky my vap is 1097 on level 20 and my flareon has 1627 cp my most powerful Pokémon in Pokemon go and the second one is arcanine cp 1622 3 one rhydon cp 1423 4 one is pinser cp 1343 5 one is also a pinser cp 1234 6 one Tauros cp 1123 and my 7 is vaporeon cp 1097

ThePokemonMaster says:

its an EEVEElution

Animating Pikatoon says:

I thought they removed this cheat.

Connor O'Rourke says:

Ali vaporeon is the best love your videos like if you agree

Riley Eryn says:

I want a hat I live at grange road

vanessa castaneda says:

yes love that show

Shreshth Sinha says:

soo cool budy ..

Sophia Remus says:

eevee eevee eevee eevee eevee

davids does something aosome says:

what I used for battle is
mag mar

Oscar Gardner says:

I have got a 100 Iv hitmonchan

Dab master Muraca says:

Why would you ever choose a Flareon as your strongest its the weakest EV evolution

Dab master Muraca says:

Yeah didn’t always work for me

davids does something aosome says:

I already got eevee evolution
by those names
who has pokemon go
and what’s your highest pokemon

Louis Yabsley says:

there was a ditto behind the evee this video was mad ages ago how was the ditto there

davids does something aosome says:

I trying to get the mega stone they added in the game but I know thier only at pokestop

Kristofer Caruso says:

I am your favorite

Ananth udupa says:

Where can we buy the hats mate ?

PokéFan 69 says:


davids does something aosome says:

I trying to get the mega stone they added in the game but I know thier only at pokestop

sergio yu says:

Hey crazy!:)

eropa2000 says:

work nick neme!

laura marciulionyte says:

Give me Eevee toy and a hat

Toasty .0. says:

But umm eh hate to tell ya but flareon is one of the weakest eeveeloutions :/

Julie Trigona says:

Lol stop at 5:38

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