Pokemon GO Let’s Play Ep 1 – Catching Pokemon and visiting the Viridian Forest!

I’ve been wanting to make a video on this for a while now and finally had some time. Don’t forget to leave a like if you want to see more of this : )

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MoMo The Dinosaur Dude says:

YES Bulbasaur for the win!!!

Eviista says:


Ninja Boy says:

4:40 xD

Barbnoodle says:

i wish i could subscribe 2 million times over

Avinash Matapurkar Arvind Matapurkar says:

17:01 wow! are really in the forest

Саша Феял says:

Dog from XY is Fourfru!(не знаю как по-английски пишется)

Ashley Iglesias says:

Tour Dog Boy

Aaqil Ahmed Alpuri says:

what iPhone do you have

Elfee 290 says:

I like bulbasaur

Mr. Chaos says:

Pokemon go is dead

CharChar PlayZ says:

Gaming beaver can you make more redo stampede

Killer mendez says:

That was fun

ErrOr SanS says:

14:46-14:50 did you become rick!?!?!?

Evelyn Cruz says:

You look good

xyzzy 460 says:


Jeanne Martin says:

Not me

Mateo spelar says:

I lllllooooovveeeeee bulbasaur

gaming dragon sda says:

I’ve got a paraslephroaaurs

Commder Fireball says:

Pokémon kidniping slavery and fighting

Djdogs 4 lyfe says:

2018 anyone?

Maximus 2447 says:

Did you curse

preston playz says:

There not pokemans there pokemon

Alison Eppey says:

I love boubosaur

Random Guy says:


Claire Easton says:

You just said the f word

Jessica Morrison says:


Angela Place says:

I subscribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy Decker says:

you look like a beaver when you say yes

The Ryan Show says:

Poke bev go

Miska Piippo says:

Man pokes is nitelass

TheGaming Cheetah says:

Is whitnee a pilipino?

XxRazoraptorxX says:


Myles Moore says:

Pokeman pokeman does whatever a Pokeman does

TheYoloSpino 2.0 says:

“But I’ve Got 4GGGG *GGGGG* ”

– The Gaming Beaver – 2016

Charles Dunlap says:

i got groudon cp 2893 awsome i’m level 26

Nina Unicorns says:

Wow I don’t have Pokemon

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