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Catvation says:

0:58 the Zubat was 10 cp LOL

smashstargaming says:


TheSpudtasticLeprechaun says:

im sorry i have to leave i cant endorse valor scum……….

GenoJason A says:

One of the Pokemon go stories is fake

Jaiden War says:

I can’t sign in

Gina George says:

it’s a law in new York that you can’t play it

Hie Do says:

LOL oh wait. u can put 2 pokemon in the Gym ? I thought one person put one in. and other player put 1 in, will make it level 2 gym. I almost catch the psychic pokemon hold one spoon and one folk today.. it ran away at 3rd ball I threw

Tobius Howell says:

I have pokimon go azwel

Nekoback says:

Omg you have a gym in ladner haha

Mine Poop says:

And I have 50,000 pokemon

itsyaboychris 66709 says:

on fb it said that a girl blamed pokemon go cause she got hit by a car its her fault for playing not saying Pokémon go is bad cause I love Pokémons

Jean Martínez says:

I only have 16 pokemons 🙁

ProHo24 says:

This game with google glasses

Kelvin Azord says:

if u get duplicates transfer ur lowest one

Dids2gud4u ` says:


Emily Hughson says:

it came out last week

Jean Martínez says:

Is that typical gamer or does it look like him

Ryley Wilson says:


Dame TV says:

You throw it when it’s little and if you swirl the ball around before u throw it it makes it more likely to stay in the ball

Nimo Sprite says:

sorry Samara and tg I’m a big fan but I’m on team yellow 🙁

Paul Amigon vlogs says:

spin the pokeball in the coner

GamingWithRedHeadNoah says:


Gilbert Panelo says:


fishrush says:

If the whole bar is blue you hold the screen you can use your special move on him

rully andy says:

im enjoy to wacthing you… you both so funny

nicholas Puah says:

travel the sea by yacht if you can rent them


team blue is better than red

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