Pokemon GO! ★ Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – Outside Exploring! Catching 40+ Pokémon!

NEW Pokémon GO Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Live Gameplay Review, Pokémon Exploring Outside for iOS and Android. This Pokémon Go Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, Catching Pokémon, Pokéstops, Battles, Gym Battles, Evolution, Real-Time Exploring, Hatching, Items and New Gameplay Footage of the release of Pokémon Go!

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For the Best Pokemon GO, Tutorials, Tricks, Guide for Beginners and Advanced Pokémon Trainers be sure to Subscribe for Daily Pokemon GO Guides!

Pokemon GO features include: Catching, Hatching, Training, Evolution, Battles, Gym Battles, Pokéstops, Real-Time Exploring and Raids on Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon GO! ★ Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2 – Results After Exploring for +2 Hours! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKVsuXNCcpM

Pokémon GO! ★ Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3 – NIGHT TIME! – Finding Pokémon in the Dark & 2 Evolutions – https://youtu.be/39ES_yucdac

Pokemon GO Gameplay Walkthrough Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOqnU5mWppJ5IA9tG1yoR9gpHohFm8S3X

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– Microphone
SL-300 from Editors Keys

– Tablet for Gameplay
ASUS Nexus 7 2013, Google Edition
iPad Air 2 64 GB

– Recording Software
Microphone: Audacity (Free)
Elgato 60HD

– Editing Software
Sony Vegas Pro 13.0
GIMP 2 (Free Program)

– Webcam
Logitech C920

Pokémon GO is an augmented-reality game based on the Pokémon series developered by Niantec and Distributed by Nintendo. Pokémon go is scheduled for release in 2016 for iOS and Android and is released in selected countries for the Pokémon Go Beta.


Diego Gaming says:

You have to spin it

Connor Myers says:

An about a week later he was like level 28

no counterplay says:

Oh my, came back to here to watch some “old” pokemon go content. Honestly, in my opinion the “old” pokemon go was alot better… Hope i would get that time back.

eeli boi says:

Look how far have you gotten! 😀 Proud of you keep going

Eddie Hurtado says:

Watching this in 2017. #hype

IHippoKissU says:

Who else saw that Seel at the last minute of the stream and was really annoyed since Reversal didn’t notice it?

Louis Helsen says:


Samuel Thornburg says:


Lauwe Squad says:

Ik dacht al dat je Nederlands was

MrPanchaos Panos says:

psit!!! 🙂

Vilza Channel says:

tiếc là tui ko có điện thoại……hic hic

Romeotje says:

Where it all started!

Chom says:

7:00 when reversal finally figures out how to spin a pokestop

lorenzoGamingHD says:

dat is in geitenkamp Nice
daar woon ik

Oliver Firth says:

He is now level 40 the good memeroies!

Justin Rhea says:

46:23 reversal mention the legendary raids



Peter Obara Obara says:

so load

Tracy Beaty says:

I totally enjoyed this.  I wish I could have caught you live.  On to the next video! 😀

hue732 says:

Your suppose to swipe it

Doneeshyua Mcgriff says:

Jiggley Puff jiggley

Xin says:

hey guy how do you record this video while playing the Pokemon?


Oscar Kildal says:

Pokemon: Global Offensive.

Riley Bishop says:

you have to tap it than spin it

Dave D says:

God, I can’t believe how gay the world has gotten – why would you waste any time on this shit?

Vegito Bluer says:

Remember This? Ya… Good Times

RoxasXIII says:

I kinda miss the old music and leaf affects that happened on the world map.


Tim Huisman says:

its really fun 2 watch your first time playing pokemon go

XyloWolf says:

Started from the bottom now we are HEEEEERRE

Zlatan Ibrahimovic says:

@Reversal please make a react video on this video. it’s hilarious!!!

Surya Kant says:

soo dumb

Zach 317 says:

2017 squad

manu bros says:

Hey can I have a shoutout

Toms Romans says:

Sick people

Kailan Mezza says:

Tap the ball when you catch its easy

Chom says:

and this is where all started :’)

Crusty the Oof Kid says:

42:03 lvl 5

The Diamond King says:


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