Pokemon GO Gameplay Ep 4 – MOST EPIC EPISODE YET! 😀
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MrMysticalMan says:

Bluuuuue all day son

Savage PJM16 says:


Thuy Nguyen says:

did anyone see alia

Dina Zerekli says:

team yellow

Reece Tierney says:

team yellow

Adam Heaslip says:

yellow blue poo

Pavillon 07 says:

I’m team instinct

Lumber pickle Pranking 1000 says:

Mystic blue

Michelle King says:

if it does three rolls its been captured

Aedan Lee says:

sorry I’m red

toadthefungi64 says:

lol he says 2ks are the worst but he didnt know yet that they have the starters

Harvey Mercer says:

I’m blue

Lewis Biddle says:

lol first time ali gets a psyduck he was happy ha ha ha

Shiny MegaRayquaza says:

I got a 123CP Beedrill with

Emily W says:

Team Mystic unicorn cats

Jonathan Douglas says:

I am team Instict (Yellow)

Emily W says:

Lucy: Hey siri open the appstore
Siri: Whatever you say, Lucy.
Lucy:(Searches pokemom go)
Appstore: Sorry we couldn’t find anything matching the search ‘ pokemom go’
Lucy: But AliA spelt it that way!
Lucy:( Checks video again )
Lucy: Definitely says pokemom go.

The next day
Mum: Where are you going sweetie?
Lucy: To the pokemom go head quarters
Mum: Why?
Lucy: I’m making a complaint
Mum: Did they make a mistake?
Lucy: AliA spelt it that way!
Lucy:(Leaves the house and her mother with a puzzled look on her face.

Felicitas Gonzalez says:

Team Valor

MyLilWolfie says:

What is with your super red tounge…..

Aiden Felton says:


Dunkthepunk25 5 says:

I’m in team blue (the best). Then it’s instinct then valour

Ronald Thomas says:

I’m team instinct

Sebastián Snape says:

I’ve got 7 electabuzzs

Brendan Fish says:


romen's empire general says:

you can doubleteam gyms

Josh Leegames says:

Team blue I am

Ale_X says:

Im in blue

Melissa Power says:

team red I love moltres

Pikabolt ! says:


joey brown says:

team blue for the win!!!

Daisy Dream says:

I’m blue

bdognc says:

I didn’t know Pokemom go was a game

Fnafdude says:


Scorpioblasters05 says:

I got a pikachu in my 2 kl egg before ,

Eli Horn says:


Owain Doyle says:

no team joining team blue

James Gorman says:


Kolbey DesRoches says:


Poke Trainer says:

I am team red go team red and blue!The only thing is I see a lot of blue gyms I wish that I was team blue too!

Inderjit Singh says:

Team Blue

gummybear1ooo says:

theres a gym near my house and it switches from blue and red but blue usually comes out on top 🙂

Jack Cole says:

I’m in team mystic

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