New Pokemon Let’s Go Trailer Breakdown / New Pokemon Let’s Go Info and Gameplay! Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee get better and better with each bit of new Pokemon Switch Gameplay! Looks like the game isn’t going to be as easy as everyone thought and Shiny Pokemon in Let’s Go will follow you… not bad.

Playing Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and Moon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap69jdFkjbE
Pokemon News – Mega Evolution Confirmed in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDGYwGaluR0
Serebii Pokemon News – Pokemon Let’s Go Mega Evolution https://www.serebii.net/news/2018/08-August-2018.shtml
New Pokemon Let’s Go Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkKqXVpJfIs
New Pokemon Trailer JP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtiGjk5YP3U
Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee Screenshots https://www.serebii.net/letsgopikachueevee/pics.shtml
Shiny Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu https://twitter.com/SerebiiNet/status/1027622135412531200

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RPG1Player says:

Whoa, whoa,whoa, Whoa! Hey! Verlis! 3:21, what the HELL was that?! That’s just a button that lets you choose at the moment of Mega Evolution whether you become Charizard X OR Charizard Y! How’s that working?

Andrea Fernandez Iglesias says:

Misty was much harder and fire red and leaf green since her starmie had recover so annoying it almost felt like fighting whitney with miltank oof.

Kill Nepo says:

Why is the sonic mania song playing in the background at the start??

Travis Nelson says:

This game looks beautiful. 🙂

IsraelMania says:

I can’t wait to go on this amazing adventure!

Van Oskuro says:

Know what would have been great, is that in Let’s Go Eevee, instead of Raichu Surge would have a Jolteon instead.

Evelyn Zapata says:


Assassin 69 says:

“but pokemon rules say only one at a time”

Devan Carter says:

Anybody else notice how it allowed the trainer to choose whether to mega Charizard into Charizard X or Charizard Y? Not just automatically mega evolving into only one specific version?

Jacob Sotelo says:

So shiny hunting, overworld Pokémon will not appear shiny or have any shiny effects, but when you encounter them they have a chance of being shiny. Right?

Alex Mlls says:


OcEoN NEO says:

I can’t find the trailer


I wish raichu looked more menacing but ig not

Lee Reyna says:

wonder if you can do glitches in this game like the old versions. and be able to catch mewto with glitch,,nd cqtch missingno

Gabe tha goat says:

It seems like these games will have the highest level champion before entering the hof. Check this out

Brock: Ace is 12
Misty: Ace is 19
Surge: Ace is 26
Erika: Ace could be 33?
Koga: Ace could be 40?
Sabrina: Ace could be 47?
Blaine: 54
Giovanni: 61

E4: mid 60’s
Champion: late 60’s to early 70’s

Miguel Clemendore says:

You get to choose which form to mega evolve charizard? How ? Is it a new mega stone or ?

Amber says:

Is this going to be on the ds too or only switch?

BcBro says:

wait if you pick lets go eevee you are automatically a girl? i dont want pikachu i want eeveelutions so i have to be a girl character?

Colin Steven says:

The trailer looked amazing to me, I just hope Surge’s gym is more interesting than before.

Tyler Kovalskas says:

I really enjoy your videos and you are the best poketuber. Whenever i look for Pokemon news, you truly are the number 1 source for the best pokemon news.

The best bro says:

U do stuff WAY too early it’s ok to wait man

LordDiscord says:

5:16, All those worried about running out of pokeballs, there you go,

Hell's Søck says:

the trash cans change is simply bullshit.

Ugundan Knuckles Leader says:

He was already strong enough in red to me,,,

RocketTwurpSLR says:

The trailer from yesterday was absolutely beautiful.
Just 3d graphics on kanto look exquisite seeing the ssanne thier was pure hype,
Everytime i see something more about these games the more i want to play them i like how much more charecteristics they have now that itd in 3d. Most definately something they wasnt able achieve in 2d and it works. Espiesially on the switch, exactly no one should be complaining they captured kanto in its truest form, we should be greatful to see kanto in 3d.

i didnt think to watch the japanese trailer, wish i should of, the pokemart does look pretty cool lol it nice yiu can actually see the potions Thats epic,

Luetenant surge is pretty cool, i think it would be cool if he had the alolan riachu since he is the lightning American after all. But yh based off the anime lol. Would be epic if oe of the gym requirements was to only use pikachu (or eevee) and he hit it with ‘dat thunderbolt! While calling us baby.
Would be eoic if he said that (he had the same VA as meowth, from ep 30-s8 maddie blustine)

Team rocket look soo frigin good, to bad we can’t dress like em, im gonna join em at nugget bridge lol
This twerp gonna be a rocket member lmao mwwa. That rose definately its great they remembered that, ahh jessie and james, when they were serious lol

Id love to see the whole sabrina episode happen in the game, one of my favourite episodes in s1.

Also pretty interesting that they would have overworld sprites of shinies from pokemon go in the pokepark, and the wild shinies in the game arnt overworld shiny, hmm thats interesting.
and those megas in battle look pretty fine, look good. Yh i feel like pokemon stadium vibes coming from the online battles. Perhaps the the light is from the lighting of all the neon lights of the battle arena.

Koxden says:

I hope your starter pikachu can be shiny. Also pikachu didnt have lightningrod.

Shaurya Dhull says:

There is voice acting in this game Jesse was saying something and her lips were moving

SwagSandwich says:

Does anyone know if you bring a Pokémon from Go into Lets Go can you bring it back and forth or will it be permanently stuck in your Let’s Go

yoav digmi says:

Wait… Did we just see a choice between acharizard x or y IN BATTLE?!

Liam Green says:

No one talking about Mvenasaurs colours change?

Lazer Unicorn says:

mega charizard x flying animation is off. they no longer flap their wings they kinda just levitate but now its changed

Matthew Channel says:

“i like female team rocket grunt, that’s good stuff right there.”
calm your boiling spirits, Rapidash.

SG Fernando says:

Are we still pretending that we give a fuck about this game?

Akil Wallace says:

Did anybody else notice that it asked whether you wanted to mega evolve into charizard x or y 3:20

Phoenix Paradise says:

Pure bias. Typical for verlis

Pipper The Vaporeon says:

can u do a nuzzlocke¿¿

Samuel Costa says:

3:21 you can chose mega charizard X ou Y

mr. flareon says:

so you can play with another person Whit you?

Mega Kabutops says:

Lt Surge out here looking like Guile…kinda

メルウィン5939 says:

Surge’s Raichu was at Lv. 28 in Yellow. It’s nerfed to Lv. 26. It seems that Surge now has three Pokémon now like in Red/Blue FR/LG compared to only one in Yellow.

Mahad Aweys says:

5:35 I like the female Team Rocket…


Ben Policky says:

If I’m not mistaken, the new trailers confirm that we can choose our genders.

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