Pokemon GO – EPIC evolution, SUPER rare item drop + egg hatches! 😀
► Did YOU evolved any amazing Pokemon? Let me know!

Pokemon GO Generation 2 (Gen 2) is HERE and it adds over 80+ brand NEW Pokemon to the game! Join me as we hunt down ALL these new Pokemon, from hatching new eggs to traveling the world to get region exclusives – It’s going to be awesome. SUBSCRIBE for daily Pokemon GO videos – Enjoy! 🙂

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OJ PlayZ says:

Ali what is your fave starter of all time

Mystic/Valor says:

your weird AliA

Gaby Henao says:

You live in the U.K. like CandyEvie a Pokémon YouTuber like you

John Hayles says:

I hatched to Aerodactyl when the easter event was on. that made it 3 that I had

Kai gabbard says:

People still watch these?

Galaxy goat Sucks ass says:

No no no no no no no

Jenny M says:

Two days ago I finally got my second Metal coat. Now it’s only up-grade I need, then I will have all new ones with evolution items. Haven’t really seen that many of the gen 2 starters. But I was really lucky and got 3 Larvitars’ in eggs, and caught one in the wild, so I’m 19 candies from evolving to Tyranitar. Found my Hitmontop in the wild on the night of the Oscar’s. Hitmonchan was the one I had to evolve to, so glad I got two Tyrogues’ in February and one was perfect to evolve to ‘Chan 🙂 Only have Mareep out of those three.
So I’m still a way to go.

clawdave gaming says:

earlier today, it was hailing so hard that it was shattering windshields of cars. It was insane

Emma Bailey says:

i completed my pokedex gen 1 and 2 on my first day lol

Frank Watkins says:

The best P 0 K E C 0 I N S method i have found is the one shared here guys-

Elyza Crane says:

I’ve caught 2 hitmontoms in the wild

Alex Roberts says:

A got a couple of Metal coats in the past that’s it

almirstar 0512 says:

There is only one way to get a feraligathr go to los angeles and you can catch lots of Tododiles and evolve then to croconaw then feraligathr

Lucas Garri says:

I caught hitmontop outside my house in February

IvanMTG1 says:

haaaych p??

Dayne Williamson says:

More PokemonG videos Ali, cheers 🙂

Natu Master says:

i was hatching totodiles like crazy after the avent and i hatched a porygon from a 10K egg

Jason Cruz says:

Pokémon go is dead stop posting it

steve zuidema says:

I have a upgrade Evolution item

GL2814 says:

I know I’m a little late to the game, but they did leave the Gen 2 starters in 5k eggs.

A Walsh says:

more minecraft

Kostas 797 says:

i did it yesterday! i am soooooo glad and happy

Dimond YT says:

I can’t go out with Pokemon go no where nternet

TurtleDurtle Gaming says:

does he wear makeup

Kevin Chang says:

Ali’s rhydon is still named rhyhorn

DoubleComplex says:

Congrats on your evolution item!
I still need a Dragon Scale…

Pokémon Master says:

How is it a 0.05% to get a evolution item from a pokestop that isn’t form 7 day streak I have 15 sun stones and none of them were from the 7 day streak

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